How To Build A Pressure Washer Trailer? 2 Easy Steps!

Do you want to find out how to build a pressure washer trailer? To develop your pressure washer trailer, you would have to follow just two very straightforward steps. The first is to gather all the needed equipment and materials, which we will elaborate on later. Then what you do next is to put it all together, as simple as that.

If you find yourself reading this, you probably are interested in building a pressure washer trailer. It might be that you are planning on starting your pressure washing business start-up and need a way to clean a broad area within a given time quickly. If that’s the case, then you can’t go wrong with a pressure washer trailer. 

how to build a pressure washer trailer

There are other options, such as a truck-mounted pressure washer; however, this is less flexible, and there are many downsides to it compared to a pressure washer trailer. Using a pressure washer trailer will save you a lot of time when offering your part-time pressure washer cleaning services. Less time wasted means more money earned in a period. This article will discuss what a pressure washer is, why you should consider it, and the entire procedure, including the materials needed to build your pressure washer trailer. If any of the topics mentioned above pique your interest in any way, then please keep on reading this article until the end; you surely will not regret it.


What Is A Pressure Washer Trailer

 A pressure washer trailer is when you mount your pressure washing equipment on top of a wagon or trailer that can be pulled by a vehicle. This is something worth considering when you are in the pressure washing business. It will help you do much more with your time and be more efficient. This pressure washer trailer is versatile enough to carry a vehicle to any location. You can leave it at the working site and return to work the next day without having to transport the trailer all the way home. Compared to a truck-mounted pressure washer, it is also less likely to be stolen and easier to maintain and scale.

Despite its advantages, it still has a few downsides. One of these is that a pressure washer trailer costs much more than its truck-mounted counterpart. This is mainly because you would have to add wheels and a platform for the pressure washing equipment to be placed on, instead of a truck-mounted one, where you just have to attach it on top of your already existing truck.

Now that we have clarified what a pressure washer trailer is and the pros and cons that come with it. It is time that we talk about the steps one would have to take to build one. If you want to learn more about making a pressure washer trailer, you are free to continue reading. 


Steps To Build A Pressure Washer Trailer

We will now discuss building a pressure washer following just two simple steps: preparing the materials and equipment and then putting them all together. These instructions are meant to be used as a guide and are not set in stone. It is your pressure washer trailer, which means you are the boss and are free to mix and match. Here are the steps on how to build a pressure washer trailer:


Step #1. Prepare the materials and equipment needed 

The first thing you’ll have to do is put all the materials and equipment together. The equipment you need will include a hot water burner, triplex plunger pump, hose reels, fuel tanks, a water tank, and a detergent tank. The hot water burner will provide you with hot water to easily remove and get rid of stubborn grime and dirt. The triplex plunger pump will provide you with the power that you need to do the job. You can also choose your hose reel of choice. The fuel, water, and detergent tanks are pretty much self-explanatory. You can also add more features like a spare tire, lights, lockable storage, and more. Know how to build a pressure washer


Step #2. Put all of it together 

After having all the equipment, you need in one place, and it is time to attach these to the platform. Calculate and map out how you will be placing the equipment on board. Make sure that the wheels are of proportion and the dimensions of the forum are reasonable. You can also ask an expert to do the math to be extra sure that your pressure washer is durable and will last a long time. It may also be a good idea to read about why is my pressure washer not building pressure and why wont my pressure washer start.


It’s A Wrap!

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned a lot about how to build a pressure washer trailer. May the writings above help you in ways that you really needed and be sure to keep on learning new things. Thank you so much for reading up to this point. Your time and effort are very much appreciated!

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