How To Build A Captains Bed With Drawers? 9 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to build a captains bed with drawers?

Then, you probably want to try creating one.

Don’t worry because we are here to guide you.

In this article, we will show you the step-by-step process of building an entire captain bed.

Captains bed is a space-saving type of bed due to the unique features this bed has.

These features include a thick layering of panel lumber which serves as a sturdy bed surface, and the drawers underneath the bed.

In addition, captain beds are usually costly yet efficient, especially if you want to save space around your room.

Therefore, buying it needs thorough decision-making.

On the other hand, you can also try “do it yourself” with the help of this article.

So stay tuned and focused on more information!


Steps To Build A Captains Bed With Drawers

The following are the comprehensive instructions from the first step up to the last on how to build a captains bed with drawers:


Step #1. Prepare the materials

Building an entire captain bed may require you a lot of time and effort.

You as well need to let out some cash to buy the construction materials and tools for construction.

You need to gather a measuring tape, saw, drills, nails, and screws, sandpaper, wood, and glue.

Most importantly, the lumber panels for bed parts.

We can not guarantee the best result if you lack one of these requirements unless you discover a substitute for one of them.


Step #2. Plan out your ideal captain bed size

You can not just start building a captain bed right away.

You have to plan out firstly, so you will have bases on what to do next.

In addition, planning out requires sketching the design you want.

Your sketch will include the heights of your bed foot, the area of the bed surface, and the sizes of drawers.

You also need to consider the colors and the theme you want to paint your captain bed.


Step #3. Create the bed foot

So, we are going to start creating the bed foot.

We to build four-bed foot at each corner.

In creating the bed foot, you need to prepare two lumber in sizes 18 by 6 and two in sizes 20 by 6 inches.

(Note: the height is dependent on your  preference)

Using wood glue, attach the two longer lumber adjacently so as the shorter ones.

Then, connect the four pieces of lumber to form a square shape.

Next, now that you have the cubic-shaped bed foot, you can add a frame clamp around it to maintain the shape.

Do the same process for the next 3-bed foot.


Step #4. Construct the bed rails with cleats

In this step, you need to prepare four pieces of wood lumber and another smaller and thinner for the cleats.

Their bases of lengths are the size of a mattress.

To start the bed rail, attach the four wood lumber on each corner using wood glue and drilled screws.

Make sure that the wood glue gets dry before screwing.

Now that you have formed the rectangular bed rails.

Also, you can attach the four thinner lumber for cleats by drilling tiny screws on them.

Cleats are purposely attached to support the joists.


Step #5. Attach the bed foot to the bed frame

After finishing the bed rails with cleats, you should now connect the bed foot at each corner.

In connecting the bed foot, you should place the bed rail above the shorter part of the bed foot.

This will create support inside the bed rails.

Do not forget to drill six or more screws to secure sturdiness in each corner.


Step #6. Add joists and support lumber

Next up is to fasten joists on the cleats.

There should be an equal number and distances of joists from both sides.

Screw individual joists on the cleats using a drilling machine.

Then, place the wood lumber above the two joists from one side to the other.

Do the same to the wood lumber parallel to the joists you have attached.


Step #7. Setting up drawer frame and slide frame

Prepare several pieces of lumber with adequate thickness.

Using wood glue and drilling screws to create a rectangular shape and two parallel lines inside it.

This shape will be the support for the drawer you will be setting up in it.

Be remindful that this is where the drawer will sit, so it should be sturdy.

Then, attach the drawer frame on both sides of the shorter cleats using larger screws.

Be sure that this frame will not reach the ground.

In building a slide frame for the drawers, attach the flat wooden surface.

Where in, the drawer will slide within to the joists from both sides of the doorsteps.

To reinforce the joists and ensure the spaces uniform, use blocks to connect them entirely.


Step #8. Create your drawers

In creating the drawers, you should prepare another set of lumbers of different sizes.

Keep in mind that the size of drawers is dependent on the drawer frame and slide frames.

Hence, attach the lumbers on the sides using screws.

Do not rely upon using glue only so you can freely put any load inside your drawers.

Now that you have assembled your drawers, you can place them underneath the bed.


Step #9. Smoothens and paint it

Lastly, using sandpaper gently smoothens the rough part of the captain bed.

You have created to achieve a flawless look.

Afterward, paint the bed using varnish or the theme of your choice to finish the outcome.


Final Words

Building a captain bed by yourself is a tough job, especially if you don’t have a guide on creating one.

It is such a pleasure to help you with this work.

Hopefully, we guided you well on how to build a captains bed with drawers.

Thank you for your time and effort in reaching this part.

You are appreciated!

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