How to Buiild a 180 Degree Swivel Chair: An Advanced Project

There are many steps to build a swivel chair. This step by step tutorial will walk you through how to make a 180 degree swivel chair, no matter how skilled you are at woodworking. It’s easy and anyone can do it!


Steps on Building a 180 Degree Swivel Chair

Step One: Take the two pieces of wood and cut them to size. The length should be between 18″ and 20″.

Step Two: Cut a rectangle out of each piece of wood that fits snuggly inside the other with about an inch leftover on one side.

Step Three: Put glue around both edges where you will put your boards together.

Now take your clamps or some kind of weight (I personally used my drill) to keep the pressure down while things are drying overnight or at least four hours. You can also use a clamping table like how I did in my how to how to build a chair video.

Step Four: For the seat, cut two pieces of wood measuring 20″ x 18″.

Step Five: Put glue around one edge where you will put your boards together and clamp with weight as before. Allow drying overnight or for at least four hours. Then drill through both boards on either side of where they are glued and insert dowels from behind into corresponding holes (or just use screws if it’s easier).

Screws should be shorter than the length of the board so that when screwed down tightly, none can stick out from behind which could result in splinters while using your chair.

A good idea would be to pre-drill a hole for each screw, which should be in the centre of the board.

Screw on both screws into one side and then do so to the other board as well.

Step Six: Keep going! Take your seat cushion, with batting inside it (which is how I am doing my cushion) and place it onto the bottom half of the chair frame. Cut two pieces that will fit within small arm dimensions 18″ x 11″.

Place these boards where you can attach them by either drilling through-holes or using nails to secure tightly together at every end – this is what I did because they are not long enough sticks from behind like when attaching seats to chairs but instead created an angle shape that goes over the top of the seat.

After doing this, put two screws in each board and then do so on another side as well.

Step Seven: Take a look at your work! You have successfully taken apart one swivel chair and made another frame for it – you are pretty much ready to start putting all these pieces back together now.


How to Care for 180 Degree Swivel Chair

Step 1. Take care not to scratch the wood with your hands or anything else abrasive.

Step 2. Wipe off any spills (including water) immediately from the chair, as they may cause stains if left unattended.

Step 3. Avoid placing stools under tables while guests are seated in chairs with 180 degree swivel function so that accidentally bumping into a table will not cause damage to the legs of those at adjacent seats.

Step 4. Do not place any heavy articles on top of the chair.

Step 5. Avoid exposing chairs to direct sunlight for extended periods, which may cause fading and discolouration over time.

Step 6. Do not leave in a humid environment for prolonged periods as this too will lead to damage over time (e.g., warping).


How to Clean 180 Degree Swivel Chair

Clean the chair with mild soap and water using a soft cloth or sponge on both the seat and back of the chair; do not use harsh chemicals such as cleaning sprays that contain bleach or strong solvents like acetone-based products.

After wiping down surfaces, rinse off with cool clean water from a wet mop bucket or spray bottle. Allow the surface to air dry completely before putting back into service.”

After thoroughly drying any damp areas, apply furniture polish if desired – avoid applying too much, as it may stain the upholstery.

How to Vacuum 180 Swivel Chair

Learning how to clean a swivel chair is an important skill that can be applied no matter what type of seating furniture you have at home or work. Read on and learn more about the benefits, tools and techniques involved when learning how to vacuum a 180 swivel chair.

Step One: Start by removing the swivel chair from its position and turn it over so that you can get to all of the dust, dirt and debris to vacuum.

Step Two: Remove the seat cushion by sliding one hand under each side of it while lifting slightly at an angle away from your body. Empty any loose items or obvious crumbs first before vacuuming underneath. Vacuum this as well if desired for improved results.

Step Three: Now take a look at how deep into the frame you can reach with your vacuum cleaner hose – make sure not to go too far inside where there might be screws or nails! Turn on your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment (if available) and carefully move around inside both the back and front of the frame.

Step Four: Place the seat cushion down into its original position, then take your vacuum cleaner hose to cautiously clean both sides of it as well (the side that will be facing outward when reassembled). Vacuum this thoroughly since a lot of dust may have accumulated on there.

Step Five: Now go ahead and flip over the chair so you can do all four screws again since they require more attention than before.

Flip it back right-side-up, place the new pads or covers into their respective slots, and screw them tightly in with an Allen wrench until they are secure yet not too tight for full movement; now attach two slipcovers onto either end of each armrest.

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