How To Bring Wedding Dress On Plane: Everything To Know

You can simplify learning how to bring wedding dress on plane into four steps. We’ll begin by knowing the rules, packing the wedding dress, having the gown through security, and learning how to unpack it once you arrive at the destination.

You will also know how to put the wedding dress inside a piece of carry-on luggage. But if you’re not traveling with the wedding dress, you can refer to how to ship a wedding dress

how to bring wedding dress on plane


Complete Guide On How To Bring Wedding Dress On Plane


Step 1. Research about the airline rules

  • The first step to knowing how to travel with a wedding dress in an aircraft is finding a reputable airline; you might’ve also booked tickets to a specific airline for your destination wedding
  • Check or contact the airline to know how to bring the wedding dress; can it be a carry-on item on the plane, for example?
  • It’s preferred for wedding dresses to be in plane closets to avoid the risk of them getting damaged when the baggage is handled or, worst, if your baggage gets lost
  • Check the largest allowable carry-on luggage and simply get the wrinkles out of the dress 
  • If you can’t change into another airline or you know someone else going to the wedding in an airline that allows carry-on, consider having them bring the wedding dress with them instead


Step 2. Pack the wedding dress

  • The next crucial step when you travel with the bridal dress in an aircraft is knowing how to pack it so it won’t get ruined
  • If the dress will be in the plane closet, find a high-quality travel garment bag for hanging the dress
  • If the train is very long, fold it to keep it inside the bag
  • Don’t forget to place acid-free tissue paper in between the folded fabrics
  • If the bodice and sleeves have a structure that risks getting misshapen, make sure to stuff them or ask the bridal boutique for their tips to keep the wedding dress silhouette in good shape
  • Some wedding dresses can be folded, or you can ask the boutique to pre-pack the dress if you’re worried about doing it yourself 


Step 3. Account time for security 

  • After knowing the airline rules about getting the wedding dress on board, the next thing to prepare for is bringing it to the airport
  • Brides should arrive early at the airport because remember that there will be security screening; consider arriving half an hour earlier for your convenience 
  • If the personnel unpacked the wedding dress, you can’t rush and fold it haphazardly because you’ll be late for your flight
  • If you’re traveling with your partner, plan your schedule at the airport to avoid problems with the time
  • You should also create a list that you can check to ensure that you’re not displacing some bridal accessories like the veil or train if they are detachable 


Step 4. Unpack with care at the destination 

  • The final part of flying in a wedding dress is what you must do once you get off the plane
  • Once you arrived at your accommodation, you will need to unfold the wedding dress if it’s not left hanging
  • You should also know how to steam a wedding dress since it’s likely to form wrinkles
  • Note that not all wedding dresses are the same with how they should be steamed, so follow the instructions of the designer regarding its care
  • Arrange your bridal attire in one place so you won’t forget anything on your wedding day


How To Pack A Wedding Dress In A Suitcase

You may need to carry the wedding dress in a suitcase when flying on a plane if there are no closets where you can hang it. And once you arrived, please don’t forget to unpack your wedding dress so that it won’t develop creases. 

  1. Invest in a high-quality wedding dress garment bag with a zipper and is long enough for your wedding gown 
  2. Hang the bag on a rack and the wedding dress onto a hanger
  3. Slip the dress inside the garment bag by holding the hanger at the top and allowing the train to fall to the bottom
  4. Fold the train if needed, starting at the sides towards the center
  5. Roll the bottom edge of the train to the dress, so it’s neat 
  6. Zip up the garment bag and lay it flat
  7. Fold the bag three times from the end towards the center while pressing out to make it as flat as possible but the folds not too tight
  8. To make the packed dress even smaller, fold the top edge towards the center and secure it with the clasps 
  9. Don’t forget to know the maximum size of the luggage you can carry according to the airline you chose
  10. Put your contact information on the luggage and garment bag, including the intended destination and your home address 
  11. Place the folded garment bag inside the luggage and carefully secure it close; invest in a heavy-duty luggage case to ensure that your bridal gown will be protected 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to bring wedding dress on plane by checking the airline rules, packing the dress correctly, arriving early at the airport, and unpacking the dress when you’re at the destination. 

We hope you also find the tutorial for putting the bridal gown in the luggage easy to follow to ensure that the bridal attire will be in the best shape when you arrive. Feel free to browse our blog to learn more tips for wedding dress care.

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