How To Blow Up An Air Mattress With A Vacuum? In 5 Easy Steps!

How to blow up an air mattress with a vacuum? Air mattresses are typically sold with a pump to inflate and deflate them.

But what if the only thing that you have in your house is a vacuum?

How to blow up an air mattress with a vacuum

Let’s try to find that out.

An air mattress or an airbed is an inflatable mattress that you can carry easily everywhere.

If you are someone who prefers comfort on the go anytime and anywhere, then the air mattress might be the perfect choice for you.

So, how to blow up an air mattress with a vacuum?

In this article, we are about to find out ways on how to do that.

Since a mattress that is foldable, comfortable, and can be carried anywhere is a thing that every person shall possess.

Air mattresses have their pros and cons, too, so make sure and are ready to handle whatever might happen to you in the future.


Steps To Blow Up An Air Mattress With A Vacuum

An air mattress is one of the affordable and, at the same time, comfortable choices of beds out there.

It is indeed a must-have if I were you.

And there are different ways to inflate this type of mattress.

The most used method is unconventional for inflating your airbed, not having any air pump.

You are all set if yours has a hose attachment and exhaust feature.

Here are some steps to teach you how you will blow your air mattress up without any pumps except for a vacuum.

It is not required to follow these steps, but it is entirely up to you whether you do so.


Step #1. Make sure that your vacuum is clean

The first thing you should do is make sure that your vacuum is clean and ready for use.

You might want to make sure unwanted dust to not go inside your airbed.

First, remove the container or dirtbag from the vacuum and let it run for about 10 – 15 seconds.

Make sure there’s no debris left in the hose afterward.


Step #2. Replace your standard cleaning nozzle

Please take out your standard cleaning nozzle and change it to a thinner one for this step.

If you don’t have any, use the hose without one.

If you do not have any extra nozzles to make your vacuum work, you might want to find a pipe to connect the air bed inlet as a substitution.


Step #3. Lay your air bed flat

This one will be the crucial part and is needed to be done correctly.

Lay your air bed on any flat surface to ensure its quick and well-balanced inflation.

After that, you might want to flatten it out for the second time and make sure to let it expand properly to have no additional issues later on.


Step #4. Attach the hose

The step says it all; you need to attach the hose of your vacuum right on the air bed’s inflation valve, and you’re ready to go.

Adjusting will be needed a little bit more, not until you feel it so tight, or you can buy an adapter from your local hardware store if that doesn’t work for you.


Step #5. Inflating your mattress

You are all set, and now this is the only part left to do, and you’re ready to lie down at your cozy air mattress after this.

Turn the exhaust mode on and once you have attached your vacuum to the valve, start inflating your mattress.

Some specific models can let you regulate the stream power, so if yours has one, start from the lowest speed and gradually increase it over time.

And now, you have to wait for your air mattress to be fully inflated, remove the vacuum hose out, and close its valve. You are all set!


Is sleeping on an air mattress every night dangerous?

Are inflatable beds only suitable for camping, or can they be used for a more extended period? Do they provide the kind of support you require for a restful night’s sleep?

Well, by choosing an air mattress than the traditional ones, you will save some money, but then is that one a good idea?

One of the issues when it comes to using these is its temperature regulation. Most air beds are made from synthetic materials, which cause you not to breathe well.

As a result, there is no other way to expel the heat generated by your body while you sleep.

Another reason for this is its body support. Air beds aren’t known for their support, which makes it uncomfortable to sleep for long periods.

It might be okay to sleep on for once in a while. But sleeping too much on it might lead you to back pain and stiffness.

They are not the type of mattresses that you could rely on when it comes to a comfort level, so, for me, I would instead choose an actual one over this.

This article may be subjective, but after all, everyone has their own opinions and reasons to buy, so follow what you want and go for it.



Today, we answered the question “How to blow up an air mattress with a vacuum?” in that way; you won’t have a hard time knowing about it.

Never stop thinking about making things work because if there is a will there, it is away whether it can be conventional or unconventional.