How To Blow Dry Your Hair Without A Blow Dryer? 4 Helpful Tips!

Going out with wet hair may weigh you down, which is why you want to know how to blow dry your hair without a blow dryer. You want to get rid of the weight but want the process to remain healthy at the same time, which is why you do not want to turn on your blow dryer. Now, what can you do?

Please take note that hair becomes weak when it is wet. It is not recommended that you expose it to extreme heat immediately after you are done bathing. With the tricks and trips that will be provided below, you will indeed consider not blow drying your hair again. To know where to start, scroll down!

how to blow dry your hair without a blow dryer


Helpful Tips To Blow Dry Your Hair Without A Blow Dryer

It is not healthy for your hair to blow dry every day. The constant exposure to intense heat will bring adverse effects. Below, we will provide you with the different tips and tricks on how to blow dry your hair without a blow dryer. Here are the following tips:


Tip #1. Start drying while inside the shower

Since the hair is weak when wet, you need to ensure regular deep conditioning. This will help the hair withstand any styling tools you will be using. Conditioners have silicone which will protect the hair cuticles. This likewise is good at repelling water. Meaning to say, it will dry off faster. Also, try to flip or shake your hair to remove a significant amount of water if possible. So why not rock your hair inside the shower and do your energetic dance to start your morning right. 


Tip #2. Towel drying

Start with the roots. When drying your hair, the roots need more attention. Since the roots have greater volume, less air can reach them. Even if you already have dried the tips of your hair, it will get damp again. That is because you need to pat the roots of your hair first to prevent the drops from going to the ends of the hair. The roots remain wet the longest. Drying them first is the key to speeding up the drying of lower sections. 

Although towel drying is the most used method, it may not be ideal. The use of cotton towels can cause frizz and hair damage. This type of towel is harsh for the hair strands. But with a microfiber towel, you can dry your hair safely. 

This type of towel is made of gentler fabric as compared to cotton. This will also absorb more water and will not result in damage. So when towel drying, avoid cotton towels and use microfiber towels instead. You may even use your soiled shirt as a towel by making it a turban. This technique is suitable for beauties with curly hair. The entire hair will dry without friction. This leaves you with tame curls that are free of frizz. 


Tip #3. Brushing

When brushing the hair to dry, it is ideal to utilize a microfiber brush. Consider investing in a hairbrush that is designed with microfiber innards. This hairbrush also has bristles that are safe to use for your wet hair. It will wipe off the water from your hair gently, making this good when you are rushing to go out. Also, get a comb with wide gaps and keep it inside the shower room. Use this comb when applying your deep conditioner. Doing so will help in spreading the conditioner evenly. This will likewise assist in loosening the tangles. You will notice when you rinse that your hair is tangle-free and soft. 

Since the tooth of the comb has wide gaps, it will ensure that you are not tugging the stands so much. The tangles will be tacked gently. Also, use this brush when applying a product after shaking off water or towel drying. This brush should only be used on your dry hair if it is 30 percent dry already. 

Aside from hair brushing, you can also finger-comb your hair. With the use of your fingers only, you can also shake the water off while detangling the locks. Start from the hair tips, free each strand and remove the tangles. Then, work all the way up. Avoid tugging and pulling your hair. Again, please do not force your hair to start from its roots working downwards. If you start from the roots, you will encounter more tangles. Forcing your way towards the tips will only worsen the tangles. 

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Tip #4. Using appropriate product

First, you will need to apply for some heat protection. Get any heat-protective product that contains heat-conducting polymers. This will reduce the dry time even more. With this product applied to your hair, you won’t need to use an iron or blow dryer anymore. Finger-comb your hair and shake it off, and you will achieve the same result you get with blow-drying. 


It’s A Wrap!

With the different tips and tricks above on how to blow dry your hair without a blow dryer, you can keep your hair dry in a healthy way. Keep in mind those tips, and you won’t feel the need to use your blow dryer again. It may also be a good idea to read about 6 best blow dryer for black hair

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