How To Block Cats From Going Under The Bed? 4 Easy Steps! 

Are your cats so energetic that they explore places such as under your bed, and you would want to know about “How to block cats from going under the bed?”

Many people love cats because they are sweet, calm, and can be sassy.

How to block cats from going under the bed

But the only problem is that they are a bit active because they are hunters.

So, expect that your cat would run around and explore every bit of your home.

But then there are adverse effects of having a cat after all. When they are not trained, they will cause you stress.

One thing that they love to do most is hidden in places where you cannot see them.

The worst is that they leave dirt such as poop and pee on where they usually hide. It is okay when you can see it.

But you have to be alert when they always hide, especially under your bed.

That is one of the most open spaces your pet would make use as a hiding place.


Ways To Block Cats From Going Under The Bed

Cats want to have fun and play all day in your household. They would love to stay in a place where they can run freely.

There are instances when you would want your cats to go inside your room to bond together.

But then there are times where they go beyond their limits and explore inside your room.

One place that they would want to stay at is under your bed. It is comfortable, dark, and calm.

It makes them feel safe and very confident about staying in. But it is not good if your pet does that regularly.

They might look at the place as their natural habitat, if ever. That is non-hygienic and not advisable at all.

So, how to block cats from going under the bed?

Here are some steps we have to help you know more about blocking cats from going under the bed.


Step #1. Figure out what way you would want to use

The first thing you will need to do is make sure that you know what to use.

You want to make sure that you are using the right tool to block the area under your bed.

That is to avoid damage to your bed.

You might be familiar with platform beds. They have a good structure, and they do not have any spaces on them.

Just like that, cats couldn’t go under it, so maybe you can do the same.

But, of course, if you want to do the same, you should have wood-type bed frames.

As for metal bed frames, do not worry because you can still do something regarding that matter.

If you have this kind of bed frame, maybe you can put something on the sides of your bed.

You can try to put some boxes, especially mega boxes, under your bed to use as a blockage.

We will be discussing it furthermore on the next steps.


Step #2. Grab mega boxes

This step is easy. If you do have mega boxes at home, you no longer need to buy these.

You can use any boxes that can fit under your bed but make sure that it is waterproof.

Wondering why? It is to avoid getting it soaked in your cat’s pee or poo when they get frustrated.

The boxes must have something heavy in them before you place them under your bed.

In that way, your cat could no longer push it through due to its weight inside the box.

You do not need a huge box. Instead, find one that can fit in the area under your bed.

And make sure that you will leave no space on top.


Step #3. Align it under your bed

The next step is to align the boxes in your bed’s compartment.

That way, you can hide the boxes and solve another problem.

It hinders your pet cats from going under your bed and staying in there for quite some time.

You can push the boxes under your bed to ensure that they can prevent the cat from going in.

And then maybe you can do something to make it still look pretty by hiding the boxes.

We will further discuss that one in the next step.


Step #4. Hide the boxes with bed skirts

The last step you will need to do is find a good bed skirt that you can use to hide the boxes you have placed under your bed.

In this way, you can hide the boxes and somehow trick your cats that they have nowhere to go.

Make sure that your bed skirt matches the theme of your room or your bedsheets as well.

You can find these in boutiques or maybe in malls near you. There are different types of bed skirts.

If you want a wider variety of bed skirts to choose from, you can check out shops online.

There are times that cats would also pee on your bed. To know how to deal with this one, read this article.

Well, that is pretty much it.



That ends our article for today.

Next, we have answered, “How to block cats from going under the bed?”

You can now try to do this on your own to prevent your cats from doing the same thing.

In that way, you can lessen the places where they can hide, especially under your bed.

They might leave dirt in there.

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