How To Become A Wedding Decorator In 6 Steps

Those curious about how to become a wedding decorator can simplify it into six steps. We will help you learn about the industry and what to expect from wedding decorators. 

You will also know how to create a business plan to become a professional wedding decorator for weddings. And to learn more about the roles, read about who sets up the wedding decor

how to become a wedding decorator


Everything To Know About How To Become A Wedding Decorator 


Get training and certification to become a professional decorator in weddings 

  • To become a wedding decorator that will stand out, it would be best that you know the requirements to be a certified wedding decorator 
  • Find a school in your area that offers a certification course related to wedding planning
  • By joining classes and seminars, even those who have no experience in weddings and decorating can get comfortable in this venture
  • You can also consider organizations related to wedding industry professionals, even if they’re not specific to wedding decorating to help with your reputation
  • License is not required to be a wedding decorator, but you should still know the requirements regarding business licensing or consider working for a wedding planning company as their decorator 


Find a mentor or observe other wedding decorating businesses

  • If you’re unsure how to become a wedding decorator, especially if you have no experience or knowledge in the industry, start as an employer for a bigger wedding business
  • You can also find a willing mentor that you can work with to familiarize yourself with the industry
  • You can observe how others become wedding decorators while also how they navigate the clients’ requests and issues for different weddings
  • It would be best if you also work and observe other wedding vendors that have an influence on the wedding decors
  • Be open to the idea that you are still inexperienced since you are only starting in becoming a wedding decorator 


Know the wedding decorating trends

  • One of the most essential tips on how to become a professional wedding decorator is to familiarize yourself with the trends in the industry
  • Weddings vary in styles, so you need to be a flexible wedding decorator to move with the trends in wedding decorating 
  • Since you are only starting on how to be a wedding decorator, try different niches first until you can develop a signature style
  • It would benefit you to be skilled in different decorating trends and styles in weddings to get as many clients and experiences
  • Browse social media, and read magazines and books until you can combine all the concepts and learnings that will help you stand out 


Familiarize yourself with floral decors at weddings

  • Besides acquainting yourself with other wedding vendors, you might want to learn specific skills to become a multifaceted wedding decorator
  • One of the most common decors in weddings is flowers, so becoming a wedding decorator can mean you are taking classes for flower arrangements
  • You can work for a flower shop or a florist who specializes in wedding needs, as the styles can help you widen your wedding decoration knowledge 
  • You can also offer the wedding flowers as part of your services as a wedding decorator, so the client doesn’t need to find another vendor
  • If you’re also a wedding florist, you don’t need to search for one, and you can offer better prices for your wedding decorating packages


Create a wedding decorating business plan

  • Wedding decorators are business owners, so to have a thriving endeavor, you should create an effective business plan
  • Know the elements needed for your start-ups, such as the financial needs and profit projections
  • Plan your operations and target demographic as well with your wedding decorating business
  • It would also benefit you to find suppliers for your wedding decorations
  • Start building solid relationships with dealers and suppliers for your wedding decor company 

Please familiarize yourself with how much does wedding decor cost to have an idea of the expenses.  


  • To become an effective wedding decorator, you should also know how to advertise your decorator business
  • Start with building a portfolio tailored to your target market
  • Make sure to get good reviews from clients and utilize social media to be known in the industry
  • You can spread the word by asking friends and relatives to recommend you to wedding events
  • You can also consider asking bridal shops and vendors to display your business details to help you reach more prospective clients


What Does A Decorator Do For A Wedding?

Besides knowing how to become a wedding decorator, here are your expected responsibilities:

  • Create a plan with the client according to their dream wedding venue look
  • Acquire the wedding decor materials and supplies 
  • Beautify the wedding location and work with vendors related to decors


How Much Should I Charge To Decorate A Wedding Reception?

The average cost of a wedding decorator can be around $80 per hour or a package of about $1,000, depending on many factors such as the client’s requests and your reputation. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to become a wedding decorator in six steps.

Start with getting certifications, observing bigger businesses, knowing the trends, expanding your services, creating a business plan, and advertising yourself. We hope our tips helped; let us know below if you have questions about this industry. 

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