How To Avoid Bedhead? 6 Tips For A Great Hair Day!

How to avoid bedhead? Keep on reading to find out.

You might enjoy your beauty sleep too much that you woke up looking like a hot mess.

How to avoid bedhead

And one thing is for sure. You don’t want any bedhead to ruin your day.

Having your hair in such a state can be challenging to fix, especially if you are in a rush.

So next time, make sure you set your alarm in a loader volume.

No hat can cover the nest of unwanted bedhead, so you might want to do something to prevent yourself from encountering such a problem again.

And we got it all here in this article.

So that the next time you look at the mirror the moment you wake up, you will be shocked at how good you look, especially with that gorgeous hair!


Tips To Avoid Bed Head

“Prevention is better than cure” I know you are familiar with that phrase.

And I want to apply that to dealing with bed hair.

You don’t want to seek a solution when the problem emerges.

Instead, opt for planning and look for ways on how to avoid bedhead, and that is what we will talk about now.


Tip #1. Short hair, no problem!

Going for a boy cut was the best choice I had, especially that I live in a scorching country.

Waking up was never a problem because I could slick back my hair with water or go for a messy look if the bed head is hard to manage.

So, if you’re looking for an easy option and will not require you to have a routine, you might go with this one.

But if you are not yet ready to let go of your luscious locks, then there more tips to follow.


Tip #2. Pull your hair up

To maintain that long gorgeous hair until the morning, you should tie it in a top knot.

Please don’t make it tight. As long as the hair tie holds your hair straight up, that is enough.

And right after you get up in the morning, remove the hair tie and brush your hair, and see no sight of bed head.


Tip #3. Pin it Down

Another method for long hair to prevent bedhead is to use bobby pins.

First, pin your hair around your head and make sure there are no stray locks.

Then, sleep with it and brush your hair in the morning.


Tip #4. Use conditioner for the ends of your hair

An effective way to keep your hair, no matter the length, smooth is to use a conditioner.

Instead of your roots, moisturize the tips of your hair for a better outcome.


Tip #5. Dry your hair thoroughly

The reason why you wake up with a bedhead is that you sleep with your hair wet.

As you sleep, you will move around, and the surface of your bed will tangle your hair, especially if it’s wet.

And you will wake up with your hair standing up in every direction.

A cotton shirt or a bandana could help you keep your hair to stay in place.


Tip #5. Washing your hair every day is a myth

We grew up thinking that washing our hair every day with products that would claim to make your hair as if done from the salon is a fad.

Washing your hair often would strip off your natural oils that keep your hair smooth and manageable.

Try washing you’re your every other day and rely on the oils your body produces. Trust me, your hair will improve, and you will lessen the chance of waking up with messy hair.


Tip #6. Brush your hair before you sleep

A simple step that could change the quality of your hair; make it a habit to brush your hair before you sleep.

It helps remove excess products, promotes oil production for hydration, and untangles your hair, revealing it smooth and silky.

But make sure not to overdo it, be gentle and choose a brush suitable for your hair type.


Other Ways To Avoid Bed Head

You don’t want to focus on your hair alone because the quality of your bedding might help you prevent bed heads.


Switch to silk

You might have heard that silk pillowcases are good for skin, but did you know they could also keep your hair from frizz?

The smooth surface of silk sheets lessens the friction when you move around your bed, which usually causes the bed head.


Keep the humidity in your room high


If you happen to live in a hot region, keeping moisture in the air could be challenging.

Therefore, I suggest you invest in a humidifier to keep your hair and skin hydrated.

A dry hair is whats keeping you waking up with a bedhead. So, make sure that the humidifier is on no matter how hot or cold your room is.



If you are still struggling with your bed hair, iron it out and use hair care products that soothe your locks.

But with these preventive measures, I am sure that you will wake up in a good mood and with good hair.

Nevertheless, that is all you need to know on how to avoid bedhead.

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Have a nice day!