7 Steps on How to Attach Swivel Casters to an Office Chair

Swivel casters are a great way to move an office chair without the need for hands. They make it easy to rotate in place, and if you have an ergonomic desk chair they can be invaluable when you want to stand up during your workday.

But how to attach swivel casters to an office chair? The answer is not as complicated as it may seem! In this blog post, we will cover how to attach swivel casters step-by-step and give suggestions on how best to use them.

Swivel Casters

Steps on Attaching Swivel Casters to an Office Chair

Step 1. Remove the base of the chair from its existing casters. (Some chairs have one set of wheels, others may have four.) The screws that secure it to the bottom panel are usually Phillip’s heads and can be removed with a screwdriver or Allen wrench.

Step 2. Layout your swivel caster and make sure you know how to attach it based on how many casters you have.

Step 3. If attaching to a chair with one caster, place the swivel caster into the base of where your original wheel was and secure it in place. You may need an Allen wrench or screwdriver for this step. If using two casters, repeat the process until all four casters are attached to the chair.

Step 4. If you’re using four casters, position them evenly around the base of the office chair and attach each one by screwing it into place with a Phillips head screwdriver or Allen wrench. Be sure they fit snugly in their sockets before tightening down completely.

Step 5. Assemble your seat back onto the chair, and then screw it into place with a Phillips head screwdriver or Allen wrench.

Step 6. Slide your seat down onto your new casters to check how they feel before tightening everything together completely.

Step 7. Tighten all screws firmly with an Allen wrench until there is no more play in them, but don’t tighten so much that the screws strip out.


If you plan to transport your chair from room to room on a regular basis, it’s best not to use these casters with carpeting, as they’re generally too heavy and will scratch or tear up the floor.

The most inexpensive way to buy caster wheels is in sets of four from your local hardware store.

You should be able to find a set of four caster wheels for under $15, and they come with all the necessary screws and washers included.

What are casters on a chair?

Casters are small wheel devices that attach to the base of a chair. This allows for increased mobility when compared with traditional four-legged chairs, which can only be moved in one direction at a time. Casters also reduce strain on your back by taking some weight off and making it easier to rotate or move without picking up the full weight of the chair as you would if rolling it manually.

How can I Make my Office Chair Wheels Roll Better?

As office chair wheels wear down, they can become less responsive. This means it may take an extra push to get the chair moving or even stop spinning in place. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can make your office chair roll better and we will cover how to do this below!

Step 1. Apply some furniture polish: Applying a furniture polish on the wheels can help make them roll easier.

Step 2. Change your caster/wheel lubricant: If nothing else seems to work, you may need to replace your casters.

Oil the wheel bearings: You can oil this by following your caster instructions and using a lubricant that is appropriate for these types of bearing surfaces.

How do you Replace Caster Wheels on an Office Chair?

Replacing caster wheels can be done either with a basic set of tools or you may need to take the chair apart. Each office chair is different, so make sure that you check your instructions on how to replace wheels before starting!

If using an Allen key: use an Allen key and turn counterclockwise until it releases the set screw. Remove the set screw and use pliers to remove the wheel from the axle.

If using a Phillips’s head: there are two types of screws on your caster wheel, one has a round top and is usually found in pairs; this type can be removed with a Phillips head screwdriver.

The other type has oval or flat tops; these should not be tampered with as they may damage how your chair moves! If you have these screws then proceed by turning counterclockwise until it releases the set screw. Once released, use pliers to pull off the foot of that particular caster wheel.

What is the Difference Between Casters and Glides?

Casters are wheel attachments that can lock in place when you want them to and glide back out of the way when you don’t. They also have a wider base than glides, which makes it possible for people with reduced mobility to sit more comfortably on chairs.

Casters are not designed for plush carpeted surfaces or uneven ground; they work best on hard floorings such as wood, tile, cement or slippery floors like marbled stone.

Glide wheels come into contact with less surface area at once making it easier for those who use them to get around without difficulty. The shape of a glide is rounder but shorter than other types of casters so they can be used on low pile rugs better. These wheels may also be called carpet casters or swivel glide wheels.

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