How To Attach Rings To Ring Bearer Pillow in 2 Steps

You can quickly master how to attach rings to ring bearer pillow in only two steps! It’s no surprise to get curious about how secured the ring is in the ring bearer pillow. Why not impress your friends and family with this useful skill?

If you just made the ring bearer pillow itself, give this article a quick read to learn how to put on its most crucial accessory. You’ll also learn more about ring pillows and how to make one without sewing. Who would have thought that attaching a ring to the ring bearer pillow is not a burden to bear?

How To Attach Rings To Ring Bearer Pillow


How To Tie Rings To Ring Bearer Pillow


Step #1. Placement

Depending on the design of your ring bearer pillow, you should see a ribbon in the middle. Hold one end of this ribbon to form a loop and place the ring in it. Then, have one hand hold the other ribbon end and another for the ribbon loop you just made. 


Step #2. Attachment

Make a knot around the loop and tighten it by pulling both ends. Place your pillow flat on the pillow and repeat the same tying process with the other side. Once done, you’ll just pull the ring to detach it from the pillow. 


How To Make A Ring Bearer Pillow Without Sewing


Step #1. Cut

If you’re not fond of sewing, did you know that you can make a ring bearer pillow without the need for a thread and a needle? To make one, measure and cut two square pieces of fabric that complement your wedding theme. Remember to clip all corners of these materials by a quarter of an inch to hide the raw edges. 


Step #2. Glue

Then, flip each fabric, so that the right side is facing the table. Fold all edges by a quarter of an inch onto the wrong side and iron. Once you’ve done this on both pieces, you can glue the hems with one edge unfolded. 


Step #3. Stuff

Let the fabric glue set and check for any fraying on your fabric before gluing your squares together. Place one of them wrong side up and layer it with the other right side up. Glue all sides except one for stuffing the pillow with polyester or foam. 

Seal the final edge and check for the distribution of your stuffing. Finally, you can add a ribbon to decorate your sew-free ring pillow. You can then attach the rings using the technique discussed. 


How To Decorate A Ring Bearer Pillow



There are many ways further to enhance the look of your ring bearer pillow. The ribbon itself gives you the freedom to add embellishments ranging from small flowers to charms. These seemingly tiny details add a more personalized touch to your ceremony, mostly if you used trinkets with special meanings to you and your future spouse. 



As for the pillow itself, you can add cutouts of different materials and attach them to your pillow. They can have a contrasting texture, pattern, or color that will add detail to your seemingly monochromatic ring pillow. Or, for a traditional look, add chiffon or lace that matches the theme of your bridesmaids. 


Trims and embroidery

Finally, you can decorate your ring bearer pillow as if you’re designing other ornamental pillows. What this means is adding various trims along the sides. You can even embroider your pillow for a classy addition to linen and even silk ring bearer pillows. 


Types Of Ring Bearer Pillows

Truth be told, there are no limitations when it comes to ring bearer pillow ideas. You can go with classics that use white silk and satin fabrics in heart, oval, and square shapes. However, it’s also common to use hanging pillows and stacked pillows in the ceremony. 

The pillow itself can have different accents, designs, and themes to match the other wedding accessories. You might also consider keeping the location in mind when designing your ring bearer pillow.


Ring Bearer Pillow Alternatives For Your Wedding

If you want to be slightly less traditional, you can also use other materials to hold your wedding rings. For example, a piece of wood looks chic for a rustic outdoor wedding ceremony. You can also take inspiration in the hobbies of you and your future spouse. 

Perhaps your love has a liking for shoes while you yourself are a chef. Some tokens for these passions are a piece of shoe or a ceramic bowl to hold your rings. You can also use other personalized items like handkerchiefs and decorative boxes for your ceremony. 



Attaching the ring to the pillow is not something you should be intimidated by. You can quickly understand how to attach rings to the ring bearer pillow by tying both of its sides on the end of the ribbon. The method discussed in this article is fool-proof, and you just need to pull off the ring to remove it from the ring bearer pillow. 

You can also make the ring bearer pillow yourself, and you have the option to do so with or without sewing! For the latter, all you’ll need are two pieces of fabric, glue, and some stuffing to finish. The best part about doing these projects yourself is selecting what will look best for your wedding’s theme.