How To Attach Headboard To Dorm Bed? 3 Awesome Ideas!

Are you planning to upgrade your dorm room and pondered, “how to attach headboard to dorm bed?”

Moving into a dormitory is an exciting and crucial period in one’s life.

how to attach headboard to dorm bed

However, it is also challenging and complicated since you are away from y our home.

Thus, to make a dorm feel like home, it is essential to turn it into something nice and comfortable.

Thankfully, you are reading the right article!

Let us unleash your creativity and start making your dorm room feel cozier.

And you can do so by attaching a headboard to your dorm bed.


What Is The Best Way To Install A Headboard to Dorm Bed?

How to attach headboard to dorm bed?

Since a dorm is a space shared by different people.

They always have a list of rules and regulations to follow.

Generally, these rules include statements such as, “you cannot drill holes or pin things into the walls.”

Indeed, it isn’t easy to reach one’s ideal dorm life.

Since these rules slow down several tasks, you wish to do in that dull, gloomy room.

However, with a spark of creativity, there is still a chance for you to get a headboard for your small, structured dorm bed.

In a dorm where drilling holes or any hook attachments are restricted.

You may wonder how to attach a headboard to a dorm bed.

However, do not fret because, in these situations, command hook strips are your greatest buddy.

Plastic command hooks and command strips use stickers with peelable plastic for attachment.

Nothing is more convenient than simply peeling the top layer and placing the hook or strip where it is essential.

Command hooks and strips are handy since the sticker material is removable and washable.

Furthermore, they are amicable to dorm mates since command hooks do not leave any marks behind.

The best thing is that it is possible to use these command hooks to hang nearly anything.

If you cannot use a command hook, you can also use industrial Velcro to hang lightweight things.

However, if you wish to attach almost anything, try using the stronger industrial strength Velcro.


What Are The Best DIY Headboard Ideas?

A dorm headboard influences the coziness and permanence of a dorm room.

Thus, choosing the right one might be a difficult task.

Below are some of the best DIY ideas that you can choose from:


Idea #1. Flower headboard

If you wish to have your stunning floral wall, this might be the best idea for you.

A Styrofoam 2-inch slab in various sizes, a craft adhesive glue, and some artificial flowers are necessary for this project.

Obtaining flowers in a color wheel and multiple sizes may increase the overall impact of the headboard.

After collecting the materials, hold the styrofoam and puncture a few holes in it.

Gather the big flowers and begin carefully arranging them.

Next, let your creativity run wild by messing around with the size and hues of the flowers.

Afterward, use the tiny flowers to fill in the gaps.

If you feel a need to elevate your design more, you may also add leaves.

Next, gently add adhesive to the stem of each flower.

Let it dry overnight and once it is all hooked up, use Velcro straps to fasten them.

Do not forget to take pictures to appreciate your Instagram-worthy headboard.


Idea #2. Faux leather headboard

For creating your faux leather headboard, you need to note two things.

To have a wooden frame and some faux leather.

If you do not have an existing faux leather, you may visit a craft store near you to buy one.

You may also find a frame at a junkyard for free if you are fortunate.

In starting your headboard, remove any residue before cutting the faux lather into long horizontal strips.

To bind the trips together, make sure to fold the bottom part of it.

Along the diagonal and then attach it to the vertical or horizontal side.

Afterward, you should proceed by weaving the trips tightly and neatly, under and over.

If you reach the end, make sure to tuck it all in and secure it with glue.

Lastly, use command hooks to hang the frame.


Idea #3. Cushioned headboard

To create a cushioned headboard, you must first gather plywood, filling, and a piece of fabric.

You will also need scissors and a staple gun to make your headboard.

In gathering your plywood, consider picking up some plywood in a home depot near your dorm.

You may also use cardboard from your shifting crates to replace the plywood.

Make sure to take the correct measurements for your dorm bed.

After that, fill in the stuffing on the top layer by folding the back hem over and fasten it to the board by stapling it.

Afterward, add the top fabric.

If you want to elevate your headboard, you may also add velvet or silk.

You may also choose to ruffle it or embellished it with rhinestones.

Additionally, if you wish to have a backlift headboard, you may also install a strip of LED lights.

Lastly, to put it all in place, use Velcro or command hooks.


Wrapping Up

Living in a dorm is a challenging experience.

Yet, elevating your room by adding a headboard to your bed might make you feel at home.

By learning how to attach headboard to dorm bed, you will make your room cozier and lovelier.

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