How To Attach A Dust Ruffle To An Adjustable Bed? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you want to learn how to attach a dust ruffle to an adjustable bed?

Well, this article will help you get on with it.

An adjustable bed, unlike traditional bed frames, can be maneuvered into any position that you want.

You are given an option to raise them up or down depending on what makes you feel comfortable.

Some adjustable beds are used for medical purposes, and some are for comfort.

They often give you a hospital feel to it.

That is why it is recommended to decorate your adjustable bed with dust ruffles.

So that they will fit seamlessly into your bedroom without ruining your style.

Applying dust ruffles to adjustable beds can be a little different than applying it to normal bed frames.

So, do you want to learn how to apply them now?

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Steps To Attach A Dust Ruffle To An Adjustable Bed

How to attach a dust ruffle to an adjustable bed?

Can you believe it when I say not only normal bed frames have the luxury to be decorated with dust ruffles?

Yes, I mean adjustable beds can also have dust ruffles on them.

You can decorate them in different ways and methods.

Just have fun, be creative, and don’t forget to add your own personal style to it.

Below are 3 steps that will guide you in attaching a dust ruffle to an adjustable bed.


Step #1. Pick a dust ruffle of your choice

The first thing to do is to choose a dust ruffle of your choice.

You can purchase one online and in stores, or you can make your own DIY design.

There are mainly three things to consider.

One is the dimensions of your bed.

It is necessary to know your bed’s height and width so that your dust ruffle will fit perfectly to the sides and edges of your bed.

Second, is the color of the dust ruffle.

You wouldn’t want your dust ruffles to contrast the color of your bedsheets and vice versa, so pick a good color that would complement your bed.

Lastly, choose a good style of dust ruffles.

You should make sure that it matches your bed and your room decors.


Step #2. Prepare the dust ruffles and the bed

After you have purchased your very own dust ruffle, you can try to prepare it before placing it in your bed.

As the fabric may be hard at first, you can either soften it by rinsing it in water or putting it in the laundry machine.

This step isn’t necessary but preparing it this way could be of great help.

You can now move your bed to an area with enough space for you to move around and install your dust ruffle.

Decide on what materials you are going to use and how you will apply them in installing.


Step #3. Place the dust ruffle

The next step would be the actual procedure in attaching your dust ruffles.

You can place it in many ways.

Although, some are just made for side placements of the bed, here is one example where you can insert them in the layers of your bed.

Insert the dust ruffles like a bed cover with ruffles alongside the mattress on top and the box spring.

You can put layers on top of it after you even it out.

That is why buying the proper size of dust ruffle is important.

It would allow you to use different techniques in attaching.

Another example would be attaching the dust ruffles to the sides of the bed only.

Again, you can use adhesive, pins, and other materials that would work for you.

Just be careful in choosing what to use as it might be bad for the bed and might not be safe for you.

Also, make sure that they can be removed because you also need to wash your dust ruffle from time to time.


Dust Ruffles To Attach In An Adjustable Bed

So, what type of dust ruffle to attach in an adjustable bed?

Dust ruffles are very helpful in our daily lives.

They trap dirt and help maintain a clean surface underneath our bed.

It is important to choose wisely a dust ruffle that would suit your bed and your room’s environment.

Now that you know how to apply dust ruffles to your adjustable bed.

Let us go through different types that would be the best options for you.


Option #1. Have a custom-made dust ruffle with Velcro straps

Velcro straps are easy to work with.

They are detachable which makes it easy to take them out or to place them back whenever you want to.

They are also widely available, so you can buy as much as you need.

You can apply them to your adjustable bed by attaching one side to your base and the other side to the base of the dust ruffle.

It is simple to use and maybe one of the most famous tools to attach dust ruffles.


Option #2. Wrap-around dust ruffles

The second option you have is buying a wrap-around dust ruffle.

This is also very easy to use, and according to some, the best thing you can purchase for your adjustable bed.

Wrap-around dust ruffles have an elastic edge which makes them easier for you to apply to the bed.

You can also opt to place buttons to keep your dust ruffle in place to refrain it from going down.


Option #3. Adjustable dust ruffles

The last option we have for you is an adjustable dust ruffle.

Just like the Velcro straps and wrap-around dust ruffles, you can buy these in stores.

This material is straightforward to use.

You have to expand them and position them properly onto the sides and edges of your bed.

They are stretchable, for when you want to adjust the position of your bed, they will not break.

Adjustable dust ruffles also have zippers.

One that you will unzip to expand and zip again if you want it to be tighter.



There you have it!

Now you know how to attach a dust ruffle to an adjustable bed.

Share this idea with friends and family so they too can learn how to attach a dust ruffle.

As well as pick a good color or design that suits their bed, room, and living environment.

Remember that real comfort, visual or physical, is vital to every room.

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