How To Attach A Crib To Your Bed? 3 Easy Steps!

How to attach a crib to your bed? In simple steps, you can; and these you will learn as you read further.

A crib is the best place for a baby to sleep, rest, play, and do things they want as a child.

And as time goes by, you will not notice, but your baby is growing fast.

Also, they might climb out of their cribs because they seek freedom and bigger spaces to roam.

It is natural for a baby to do that, but what bothers you the most is when they are sleeping.

They might fall at night without noticing that it happened.

So, to lessen your worries and to make sure that everything is doing fine.

We have thought of a way to take care of and check your baby from time to time.

To ensure that they are sleeping well and away from any danger.

But, of course, you don’t want that to happen, especially if it is a child.

Worry less already because this will help to ensure that your baby is sleeping well while you are too

And not worrying about problems at the same time.


Steps To Attach A Crib To Your Bed

As a child grows up, parents cannot afford to not worry about them.

Especially if they are still at the phase of growing and learning new things.

Because of that, children tend to be curious about things all the time.

Try it out for themselves to see and feel what it’s like to be in that situation.

Now then, parents become more worried because of that.

This leads them to believe that taking care of their child more will help them discipline themselves.

Then after a long tiring day of playing and learning.

Your child will most likely be exhausted and will put themselves to sleep for how many hours.

Though, as we all know, babies tend to roam their bodies around while sleeping.

Of course, it is dangerous because they might fall.

Thanks to the people’s creativeness.

Many have come up with the idea of preventing any child from falling into their respective cribs.

And one way that we see that might be effective if done correctly is attaching the crib into your bed.

In that way, you can take care of your baby and watch over them while sleeping to ensure that they are safe and free from danger.

Now we are going to discuss how to attach a crib to your bed.

Stay with us until the end of this article to know more about the process of securing one’s crib.


Step #1. Removing parts from the crib

Now that you have your crib readied, it is now time that we start doing the process of making one.

Though, before that, you’ll need to detach some parts first.

If your crib is bolted into place.

We recommend that you have a wrench readied to remove all the bolts holding it.

There also might be some models that use rail slides to keep them into place alongside a stopper.

You’ll have to use a screwdriver for this to remove.

You can apply this process to all types of cribs, no matter what the material or type is at the end.

And you will still use the other end of the crib for this.

Also, before you attach the crib to the bed.

You must check it out beforehand to make sure it is sturdy enough, even if it loses a cover.


Step #2. Placing the crib into the bed

What you want to do for this is first pull your current mattress out of the bed frame.

So that you can easily access it once it is removed.

Make sure that you use a regular or traditional bed frame to avoid any hassle.

Furthermore, you do not have to spend any amount on this project of yours.

If you are opting to purchase one, make sure that you get here for quality furniture products.

You’ll have to remove one side of the crib first before placing it into the bed frame.

That side will act as an overseeing side for you to keep track of your child.


Step #3. Securing the crib into place

Then what you want to do once you have the crib placed in the bed frame.

Pull the bungee cords while making a loop between the two structures, attaching them nicely.

Please note that when it comes to securing the crib from moving.

Do not stop putting bungee cords until you can assure that it won’t move around.

Babies tend to roam around the bed, and that is why you should secure it in place.

Once you are sure that you have secured it into place.

Put your mattress back in the bed frame and the crib mattress.

You can then wedge some foam in between the crib.

And the bed if you want to ensure no spaces might cause harm.

Though it isn’t a requirement.

This is to make sure that your parents will not overthink your child’s sleeping in the crib again.

Finalize it by adding aesthetics that you like and putting back the sheets and covers onto the mattress to look good.



No more worrying about your child having to sleep at a crib again.

At least in this way, you can assure that they are okay while doing things.

That is how to attach a crib to your bed.

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