Easy Steps on How to Assemble Umbrella Stroller

If you are a parent, then there is no doubt that you have spent time looking for the perfect umbrella stroller. Umbrella strollers can be difficult to assemble and they can take up valuable time that could be better spend with your child. To help make this process easier, we put together some easy steps on How to Assemble Umbrella Stroller!


assembling your umbrella stroller

Steps on Assembling Umbrella Stroller

Step One: Take the side bars and insert them into the slots on each of the three wheels. Press until they are flush against both sides of the wheel. If you have difficulty with this step it may be necessary to loosen the screws on each sidebar.

Step Two: Take one of the telescoping handles and insert it into one of the round holes in a wheel (it doesn’t matter which hole). Slide the handle all the way around until you hear it click/attach to make sure that it is securely inserted.

Repeat this with all three wheels so there are two handles per wheel. If your umbrella stroller has a small face, then repeat Step One for how to assemble an umbrella stroller before moving onto Step Three!

Step Three: Connect both sides by sliding them over top of each other where they connect at The Handle Bar Hooks – do not slide too far or else they will come apart when lifted.

If your umbrella stroller doesn’t have a small face, then move to Step Four!

Step Four: Connect both sides by sliding the handlebar hooks over the top of each other where they connect at The Handle Bar Hooks – do not slide too far or else they will come apart when lifted.

You are now finished with how to assemble an umbrella stroller and can attach them to your desired location (car seat, shopping cart, etc.). Congratulations on completing this project!!!


How do you Tighten the Straps on an Umbrella Stroller?

Like any other stroller, you need to tighten the straps for them to be safe. This is how you do so:

First, please check that the strap length fits your child’s shoulder height – if not adjust accordingly using the Velcro at each end of the strap.

Next, fold down one side of both sides and wrap around baby or toddler – make sure they are comfortable (you should have about four inches on either side). The panel can then be fastened with Velcro. Repeat this step on the opposite side and secure tightly! Check back here soon for more tips!


How to Fold up a Baby R Us Umbrella Stroller

Step One: Unhook the metal bar from one side of the back frame. This is how to fold up an umbrella stroller that has a small face as Baby R Us ones do.

Step Two: Take your hand and reach into where you just took off the hook to pull out both sides of the fabric so they will be lying flat on top of each other with Velcro sewn down in spots for easy folding.

Step Three: Bring together two open ends by lining them up next to each other – make sure not too close or too far apart! Put index finger over one side’s end, middle finger over other side’s end, thumb under the middle finger. Gently push thumbs towards the inside while keeping fingers straight and only bending them on the outside, and this should create a nice fold with fabric right down the middle.

Step Four: Now take that same index finger and gently pull it out of one end of your newly-made fold to expose how far you need to go before all sides are exposed so you can grip both ends at once – usually about an inch is enough. (Note: if you’re having trouble getting the folds even on either side or just don’t want to do any more work than necessary, skip step five.)

Step Five: Keep going until now there’s no Velcro left in front of you except for what was sewn onto each other when we first started! If they were uneven lengths already from how much we folded them, now you should have a perfect cross.

Step Six: Now we’ll take the ends of each side and pull them out perpendicular to how they were before – like how pizza dough stretches lengthwise when it’s rising in your oven!

Step Seven: Finally, put those two pieces together that are still on their respective sides (i.e., where the Velcro was sewn onto itself) and get ready to tie off our next-to-last step with one final knot at about six inches long or so from either end. If you’re worried about stability because it seems too short for how tall your umbrella stroller is, don’t worry; this will loosen up as soon as you start using the product!


What can I use instead of a stroller?

If you don’t have an umbrella stroller, how about a doll carrier? This is great for babies who are too big to carry in the crook of your arm but not old enough to walk on their own. I used this with my daughter when she was two and LOVED it! You can put her favourite blanket or pillow in the carrier, and she liked how it was high enough on her back so that she could see what’s going on.


How do I take care of my umbrella stroller?

You don’t want to leave your umbrella stroller in a damp place because this will cause mould to grow; make sure you keep it dry! Clean the stroller with a damp cloth and let it dry in the sun.


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