How to Assemble Graco Bedside Bassinet

Steps on How to Assemble Graco Bedside Bassinet

Step One: Remove mattress pad from bassinet frame.

Step Two: Slide the plastic support bar into place on one side of the metal frame, and fit another section onto any other side so it locks in to place. Repeat this step with both sides until you have a complete rectangle shape. Insert feet posts into slots near bottom corners on each end of the frame so they are firmly locked together for stability.

How to Assemble Graco Bedside Bassinet

Step Three: Attach adjustable (up or down) rails using included hardware by screwing hinges onto rail ends that stick out towards the top edge of bassinet supports/feet posts; do not attach headboard brackets yet! Once attached, position your upper bedrail against them and secure braces/hooks into the top of the rail.

Step Four: Secure headboard brackets (if equipped) to wall studs with included screws, and attach bed rails. Insert mattress support bars into each end on a frame that is still open/unoccupied by a railing section; then add your mattress! Congratulations on completing the assembly of your new bassinet!!

Now place rails onto the metal frame using included hardware -Attach adjustable hinges onto ends of upper bedrail -Secure headboard brackets to wall studs if needed -Insert support bars followed by a mattress in an open space at one end -Congrats on assembling your new baby’s bassinet!


Steps on how to clean uppababy bassinet

Place the mattress on top of a flat surface so that you would be able to wipe down the edges and sides of the bassinet easily.

Wipe down all corners with a damp cloth to remove dust or dirt particles so that your baby would have a clean environment to rest in! Do not submerge any part of the frame into the water as this could damage parts such as buttons, zippers etcetera.

To dry up excess moisture from surfaces, use a towel and dab off gently until completely dry. Do not scrub too roughly on areas where there are electronic components as these might get damaged by strong friction between towels/sponges used for cleaning purposes!

Make sure you always unplug the battery before cleaning it up thoroughly – do not attempt to wet wipe over electric circuits or immerse them under running water. If you ever encounter a short circuit while cleaning up the battery compartment, make sure to disconnect it immediately and contact us for further assistance!

Once your baby is no longer using her bassinet, store it away in a dry place with all elements properly packed inside so that they would not get damaged or broken down due to strong impacts from outside sources such as water spills etcetera.

In case of any sort of fluid penetration into the product during use – discontinue use immediately and do not attempt to clean up on your own since this could cause even more harm than good.

This can be fixed under warranty itself by our customer service team at the earliest possible instance without causing any delays in between periods! We hope that you are satisfied with our product and that it has served you well over time!


Bedside Bassinet Covers:

Designed to fit all standard-sized bassinets, this cover gives the baby a nice little place of her own. The soft colours will keep your child calm through nights spent sleeping in their bedroom or nursery room. Little girls will enjoy having flowers adorning their bedsheets while boys can have cars or patterns on theirs.

Another great aspect about buying one of these covers is being able to maintain them for years after purchase since they are machine washable.


How often do you wash crib sheets?

Crib sheets should be washed weekly and replaced every other month to prevent the buildup of dust mites.


What is a baby seat?

A baby seat is similar to an infant swing but does not have built-in motions or sounds. Instead, it can be manually rocked for soothing purposes. You should also bring a first aid kit while on vacation with you. How often do you wash crib sheets? Crib sheets should be washed weekly and replaced every other month to prevent the buildup of dust mites.


How do you keep the sides up on a pack and play?

To keep the sides up on a pack and play, you can use your foot to push it into place. Doing this will lock the frame into place so that it doesn’t collapse or fall while using it.


What is an infant swing?

An infant swing is used for putting infants in when they’re fussy/gassy/tired, etc. It helps them relax by soothing their senses with calming emotions and sounds. The seat of these swings usually swivels around 360 degrees allowing comfortability no matter which way they are facing inside of it!

Lastly, most come equipped with removable plush toys hanging from above as well as other accessories like rattles & mirrors! They do require batteries to work properly but give off a lot of fun for your little one!


How much does an infant swing cost?

These range anywhere between $30 – $100 depending on the style you get and the brand.

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