How To Assemble Adjustable Metal Bed Frame Without Center Support? 5 Easy Steps!

So, how to assemble adjustable metal bed frame without center support?

Buying or trying something new might be confusing at first.

You might not be sure if you purchased the right product or if the one you acquired had complete parts.

But, don’t worry, we’re here to help you with that.

If you happen to buy an adjustable bed frame and don’t know how to assemble it.

You have come to the right place!

This article will provide you all the information you need about this type of bed frame and how to put it together.

So, read on!


Is Center Support Necessary For All Types Of Bed Frames?

Some bed frames do not need center support to carry the mattress, box spring, foam, etc.

Is this even possible to not have support on the center of your bed frame?

Technically, yes!

An example of this is the platform bed frames, primarily single or twin-sized beds.

Since they are mostly made of bed slats, which are enough to carry the weight of the objects placed on the bed.

Additionally, adjustable bed frames only need the sides and legs for the base.

Since they are designed to be adjusted through the height of the head or foot of the bed.

In which they can be adjusted manually or through remote control.


Steps To Assemble Adjustable Metal Bed Frame Without Center Support

You have learned that not all bed frames require support in the center.

And now, we will focus on how to assemble adjustable metal bed frame without center support.

We have gathered some of the most simple and easy steps to assemble an adjustable metal bed frame without center support.

Some of these steps are not necessary and are only for double-checking purposes.


Step #1. Gather the parts and make sure they are complete

The newly purchased adjustable metal bed base mainly includes two pieces of metal for your frame and some supplies.

Which might contain screws, wheels, and many more.

And don’t forget your box spring mattress.

We suggest that you gather the parts or assemble them in your bedroom, where you will place the bed.

Additionally, make sure not to scatter the small parts, which are hard to find when misplaced.

And they tend to roll and might end up under your cabinets and other furniture.

Regarding the tools and equipment.

You only need a screwdriver or a hex key wrench, which looks like a small L-shaped metal.


Step #2. Prepare the wheels

With wheels, beds can be moved without difficulty whenever you are cleansing or redecorating your room.

Beds mostly come with four main legs for each corner.

So the product you bought should have four wheels and cups.

Grab a wheel and insert the cup.

That’s easy.

After that, you have to seal them tightly by pushing the cup towards the wheel until you hear a click.

Repeat this to the other three wheels.

Set these wheels aside until you have finished your bed frame.


Step #3. Assemble the bed frame

Settle your frames on the floor depending on the width of your box mattress.

Then, place your mattress upside down and aligned to the two metals.

The reason why we’re doing this is for you to have better access to attaching the box spring to the bed frame.

And also to make sure that it is measured correctly.

So, first, you have to open up both of your metal frames.

Each piece has folded bars, which will serve as your bed slats.

Straighten them and settle them on top of your upside-down mattress.

Make sure to line up the metal bars.

Then, push the two metal pieces of the frame towards the center, making sure they are aligned.

Using a c-clamp, fasten the bars from opposite metal pieces together.

You can secure them tightly at the center of their intersection.

Repeat the same with the other pair of bars.

And lastly, screw the clamp to the bars tightly using the screwdriver.

You may wish to screw it with your hands, but it won’t be as tight as using a screwdriver.

At this point, take the foundation of the frame from the mattress, and we will now attach the extra pieces.


Step #4. Install the extra pieces

Grab the wheels you assembled earlier and slide them in the frame’s legs with little pressure.

Also, your purchased bed frame usually comes with two extra plastic pieces.

Its purpose is mainly for protection.

You can install this on the corner of your frame, especially on the end of the bed.

You might find yourself hitting or bumping the corners unintentionally, which would still result in a small scratch or pain.

But for safety purposes, especially if you have a child in the house, these extra parts will surely help you out.


Step #5. Finishing touches

The end product might not look like it’s adjustable, but this is just for the base of your adjustable bed.

Position your frame, and we can now place the box spring on top of it.


Wrapping Up

Well done!

You just learned how to assemble adjustable metal bed frame without center support.

It’s not that hard if you have a guide like this, do you agree?

So, for more articles and guides like this, click here!

Catch up with you soon!

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