How to Assemble A Kolcraft Double Stroller

If you are looking for a stroller that can fit two children, the Kolcraft Double Stroller is a great option. There are many benefits to this product like its durability and compatibility with other accessories. However, it is not always easy to assemble. In this blog post, we will go over how to assemble a kolcraft double stroller to make your life easier!


Kolcraft Double Stroller

Steps on How to Assemble a Kolcraft Double Stroller:

Step 1. First, you will need to open up the stroller and lay it flat.

Step 2. Next, take hold of both handles on either side of the “seat bar” with one hand near your thumb (fingertips) and the other near your pointer finger.

Step 3. Pull them in opposite directions until they snap together. You should be able to feel or hear a click when they are locked into place! The correct way to grip these is by wrapping all four fingers around each handle without overlapping any fingers from different hands.

Step 4. Next, rotate the right side of the seat bar so that it snaps into place with its counterpart on the top left half of the frame after ensuring there is no gap between them at any point along their lengths.

Step 5. Finally, snap the back of the seat bar into place with a click. Do not force it! If you can’t get them to lock into place, make sure that they are rotated properly and your fingers aren’t overlapping.


How do you open the Kolcraft double stroller?

The Kolcraft double stroller is not opened with a handle. The way to open the Kolcraft double stroller is by pressing down on one of the two front locks and sliding them apart so that there’s enough space for your fingers to go into as well as pulling up on both handles at once.

Inside, you’ll find four wheels, an adjustable footrest for babies legs or older children feet, two seats for infants (a backless seat that can recline and has a three-point harness), storage compartments in between each side of the frame where you can put things such as snacks or drinks.


How do you close the Kolcraft double stroller?

To close the Kolcraft Double Stroller after use:

  • Press down on one of the two front locks and slide them apart so that there’s enough space for your fingers to go into.
  • Pull up on both handles at once

What are Some Other Features I Should Know About?

You can use this stroller as a double or single seat with an adjustable footrest for babies legs or older children feet which also includes storage compartments in between each side of the frame where you can put things such as snacks or drinks. It has four wheels with two locks and it includes a canopy to protect your baby or children from the sun.

The Kolcraft Double Stroller has an adjustable handle that is positioned at a comfortable level for parents of all heights so you don’t have to hunch over while pushing.


How to Get Stains out of Kolcraft Stroller Fabric

You should know about the following methods for getting stains out of your Kolcraft fabric:

There are many ways to get stains out of a Kolcraft stroller and you must assess each stain so that you can use the best method. You must clean any stained area immediately before letting it set in or else there will be permanent damage.

If there is an oily substance on the surface, such as animal fat or vegetable oil which has been cooked at too high a temperature then spot-clean with soap and water first before washing the whole thing later. For most other types of dirt and debris, simply wash using detergent diluted with warm water (it’s ok if this gets into seams) after shampooing all surfaces thoroughly.


How do you Remove Black Mold From Fabric?

The best and quickest way to deal with any type of mould is to use bleach that’s at least one part chlorine, or hypochlorite acid (bleach) in nine parts water. If the stain happens to be on something like carpeting then it should be removed immediately as well since this can cause permanent damage if left untreated for very long.

Step 1. You need to first cover all surfaces nearby so they don’t get stained and make sure your work area is ventilated because while using bleach will kill the mould, it also creates hazardous fumes.

Step 2. Once everything else has been taken care of go ahead and pour some undiluted bleach onto the stain and start scrubbing it with a brush or cloth. For more stubborn stains you’ll need to soak them in water mixed with bleach for about half an hour before rinsing, drying and treating as usual.

If this does not work then try using fungicides on top of the coverings that prevent mould from coming back like Kilz, which is designed for protecting against future growths under vinyl floor tiles or carpeting.

You should also install vents if there are any anywhere near your home so air can move freely through and keep everything dry at all times while making sure furniture has a protective barrier between their legs when they sit on carpeting or have direct contact with damp surfaces for long periods of time.



Now you know how to assemble one Kolcraft Double Stroller with ease! You should endeavour to do this before putting either child in their stroller for safety reasons. It’s also important to read assembly instructions thoroughly so as not to miss any steps or hardware pieces needed during the process.

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