How To Assemble A Futon Sofa Bed In 3 Quick Steps

Do not worry if you’re unsure how to assemble a futon sofa bed because we simplified it into three steps. And as a bonus, we will help you make the futon feel like a couch. This tutorial is applicable for bifold futons, but don’t go anywhere because you’ll also learn how to assemble a trifold futon. 

Before we start, you might be interested in learning how to clean a futon sofa. Remember that a futon will only provide the best seat and bed if it is well-maintained. This will also ensure that you can assemble and disassemble the futon without it getting damaged randomly. 

how to assemble a futon sofa bed


How To Put A Futon Sofa Bed Together


Step 1. Check the parts

  • Refer to the instructions that come with the specific futon sofa bed you have
  • Familiarize yourself with the parts and mechanisms, including the hardware pieces such as the screws, brackets, nuts, and pins
  • A bifold futon sofa bed will usually have a seat deck, back deck, arms, and stretchers for its main parts

Step 2. Construct the futon frame and deck

  • Start with the futon sofa bed frame by connecting the stretchers to the arms via screws
  • With the frame constructed, line the front and back deck along with their hinges and join them together using the included pins
  • Futon sofa beds can vary in the connection method for the decks, but the most common is the use of clevis and cotter pins
  • You may also need to install the futon’s rollers on the back deck if yours are still unattached 

Step 3. Place the deck into the frame

  • With the deck and frame constructed separately, lower the latter into the frame
  • Check the rollers if they fit the corresponding grooves on the futon sofa bed’s arms
  • Check the connection of the arms to the stretchers and tighten their screws securely
  • Lift the deck to convert the futon into a couch
  • If the process is not smooth, remove and reinstall the rollers

How Do You Turn A Futon Into A Couch?

After assembling the futon sofa bed, follow these steps to make it look more like a couch in the living room:

  1. Secure the futon in place using adhesive strips on the frame
  2. Add arm pillows to provide better armrest like a proper sofa
  3. Place a wedge underneath the bed to level and support the futon upright
  4. Improve the base of the futon sofa with plywood similar to fixing a sagging sofa bed
  5. Decorate the rest of the living room similar to how you’ll set a couch in it
  6. Have a coffee table near the futon sofa for aesthetics and functionality
  7. Set the futon sofa over a rug to help it complement the rest of the room
  8. Like one of the tips on how to make a sofa bed comfortable, add throw pillows and a blanket on the futon sofa to make it cozier and inviting

How Do You Set Up A Trifold Futon?

You should opt for a trifold futon if you want a sofa that will accommodate more people. Typically, the bifold is only a two-seater, while the longer trifold futon can seat three people. Follow the assembly manual of the model you have, but these steps should also be applicable for most trifold futon sofa beds. 

  1. Start assembling the trifold futon frame by screwing the arms to the stretchers 
  2. Check if the slats have the slide rollers attached or push them into place accordingly with pins
  3. Lay the slats onto the frame with the rollers in their corresponding grooves
  4. Tighten the screws on the frame and check if the futon smoothly converts into a sofa
  5. Raise the front portion of the slats and push it back to change position

How Do You Assemble A Futon Metal Frame?

  1. Familiarize yourself with the parts and hardware kit
  2. Attach each corresponding hinge to its arm 
  3. Install the arms to the rails using the bolts, dowels, and nuts included
  4. Construct the metal frame using the diagram on your manual
  5. Assemble the brace using bolts
  6. Attach the slats to the seat and back with the plastic end caps
  7. Attach the back and seat frame to the arms and stretchers earlier
  8. If you want to close the futon bed or turn it into the sofa, locate the back of the futon and lift
  9. Allow the futon to lock in position and make the necessary adjustments by pushing it forward

How Do You Disassemble A Futon Couch?

There are different types of futon frames, so the disassembly instructions for them will also vary. Always refer to your manufacturer’s manual to ensure a smooth process. 

  1. Place the futon on its bed position
  2. Remove the seat deck from the arms one side at a time using a wrench
  3. Repeat the procedure for removing the back deck
  4. Remove the bolts or connection system for the arms to the stretchers


A futon is the perfect piece of multi-purpose furniture if you want a mattress and couch in one. Therefore, knowledge of how to assemble a futon sofa bed is essential to get the most of its features. In general, you only need to familiarize yourself with the parts, start with the frame, deck, and then assemble the two together. 

Congratulations! You just made a futon sofa bed. Don’t forget to make your futon sofa more comfortable and visually appealing using decorations around and in it. 


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