How to Assemble a Coffee Gilder Recliner Console

When you purchase a new recliner console coffee table, it can be difficult to assemble at first. However, there are easy steps that will guide you through the process and help ensure your success.

This blog post is going to walk you through how to assemble a coffee gilder recliner console so that it looks great in any room!


Steps on Assembling a Coffee Glider Recliner Console

Step 1. Start by laying out all of the pieces in front of you. Take a moment to look at each piece individually and carefully inspect them before continuing with assembly.

You want to make sure that no pieces are missing or damaged, so if anything is wrong then take it back to where you bought it for an exchange! Once you’ve done this,  you’ll be ready to start assembling the coffee gilder recliner console.

Step 2. You need to put together the base of your console table. This will require connecting several pieces and following some easy instructions step by step.

Once this is done, it’s time for the top board! The next few steps are going to be tricky, but stay calm and you’ll be able to do it! You will need to attach the top board in place of your base.

This is going to take a delicate balance of force and patience as you must make sure that no screws are sticking up from screw holes on the table or else they can scratch whatever surface the console sits against.

Step 3. When you have the top board securely in place, it’s time to put together the middle piece. This is going to be another tricky step because several different pieces need attaching by inserting them into one another.

The final product should look like an upside-down L shape and when you’re done with this part, your coffee gilder recliner console is going to look like a rectangle.

Step 4. Final Product: Your coffee gilder recliner console should now be looking like an upside-down L shape and when you’re done with this part, your coffee gilder recliner console will look like a rectangle.

The next few steps are going to be tricky but stay calm and you’ll be able to get through it. Now that your coffee gilder recliner console is looking like a rectangle, it’s time to put together the final part and attach them all by inserting them into one another.

The top will be as tall as the rest of the frame but on an angle so when you line up this part with the bottom, it will be at a diagonal. To attach them you’re going to have to use screws and screwdrivers for this part of your coffee gilder recliner console to stay secure.

Step 5. Now that the top is secured on an angle, there’s one more step before we can say “ta-da!”  You’ll need to attach the two sides and this is where it gets tricky.

You will have to put on some screws, but not all of them yet because there are still three more pieces that you have to assemble before anything can be screwed in place.

Step 6. Assemble both ends of your coffee gilder recliner console last by assembling the two sides and then put on the screws.

After you’ve finished assembling all of your parts, it’s time to come back to those loose screws that are dangling around waiting for someone like us to screw them in place! 

What is Coffee Glider Recliner Console?

Coffee Glider Recliner Console is a reclining sofa console that has been engineered for comfort, durability and to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. It incorporates the sculpted armrests of a traditional recliner with an extra-wide seat and deep contoured back design so you can relax in style while reading your favorite book or watching TV.


How to Prevent Stains and specks of Dirt on Coffee Glider Recliner Console?

To prevent stains and dirt, it is best to place a towel or protective mat where the console will be placed. This way if liquid spills from your drink, food drops on the floor, or other things that make contact with carpeting while you are relaxing in your recliner, no damage will occur to the upholstery of this sofa.


How to Care for Coffee Glider Recliner Console?

It is important to care for your new sofa as soon as possible. Your recliner console should be vacuumed with a brush attachment at least once per week and wiped down weekly using a mild soap solution mixed in water.

This will keep it looking its best! You may also choose to use an upholstery cleaner on areas that are particularly dirty or stained.


How To Prevent Tear on a New Recliner Console?

No one likes a new recliner console to get a tear. To prevent this, you shouldn’t drag any furniture across the carpet or allow anyone to run in and out of your home while wearing shoes on an area rug near the sofa. You also want to be sure not to use harsh chemicals like bleach when cleaning as this may compromise the materials.

Expert Tip: One of the best ways to keep your recliner console looking new is by using a good quality upholstery protector on an area rug near it as well as furniture pads for any piece that will be coming in contact with the sofa. This will help prevent scratches and tears from occurring!


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