How To Ask For Gifts On A Baby Shower Invitation

If you’re unsure how to ask for gifts on a baby shower invitation politely and tastefully, go through these two steps. We’ll provide the best wording examples to indicate your gift request at the baby shower invitation. 

You’ll also know the etiquette for asking for a gift card or cash as your baby shower gift to ensure that your friends and family won’t find it tacky. And for the host who wants a less traditional party, read what is a drop in baby shower.

how to ask for gifts on a baby shower invitation


Two Steps On How To Ask For Gifts On A Baby Shower Invitation


Step 1. Provide baby shower guests with the baby registry

Before stating the baby shower gifts on the invitations, preparing the baby registry is essential. It’s a list of presents for guests to choose from. 

For etiquette, remember to only put items in the registry that you can use as a family or would be practical once your baby arrives. Furthermore, everything in the baby registry should offer a wide range of prices with options to accommodate different guests. 

There are many convenient baby registry options, so it’s easy to choose the place that would offer the things you’ll need for the child. And once the baby registry is ready, you can easily include it on the baby shower invitation. 


Step 2. Write a little note at the bottom of the invitation card

After the baby registry is ready, you can indicate the baby shower gifts at the bottom of the invitation. It should be easy to see and read, but don’t use a large font.

You don’t want it to seem like you’re only sending invitations to guests to receive gifts for your child. But at the same time, remember that it’s expected for family and friends to shower the parents-to-be with gifts at a baby shower. 

If you’re uncomfortable, here are some tasteful wordings you can write on the baby shower invitation: 

  • Gifts for our little one would be appreciated
  • Thinking of giving a gift? Feel free to check our baby registry at
  • If you would like to give a gift for our little one, here’s our baby registry
  • Your presence is the best gift, but if you would like to support our little one with gifts, we are registered at


How To Ask For Gift Cards On Baby Shower Invitation

It’s perfectly acceptable for the parents-to-be to ask for gift cards instead of gifts at the baby shower. It’s practical and very useful, especially with the baby’s expenses. 

Here are some wording options you can have at the baby shower invitations to let your guests know you’d prefer to receive gift cards instead of other items: 

  • If you want to send mommy and baby gifts, gift cards are welcome
  • Your presence is enough, but gift cards are also welcome
  • Gift cards would be appreciated, but don’t feel obligated to contribute

Include these short phrases at the bottom of the baby shower invitation. You can also ask friends and family to send the word out if other guests ask. 

But for people who want a memorable baby shower gift apart from what everyone will provide, you can check this list of baby shower gift for mom who has everything


How To Ask For Money Instead Of Gifts For A Baby Shower?

Nowadays, everyone wouldn’t bat an eye if the parents-to-be requested monetary gifts at the baby shower. But of course, you don’t want to make people feel obligated to give a certain amount. 

You shouldn’t also pressure close friends and family to give a large sum of cash just because they’re close to you. And, of course, be transparent with your guests and mention in the baby shower thank you cards where you’ll use the money they’ve given. 

Here are ways to let everyone know that you want monetary presents at the baby shower: 

  • Let the guests know they can contribute to a baby fund
  • Create a savings account and be transparent with your guests
  • Have family and friends spread the word
  • Subtly mention your plans and why you’ll need to save money before your child’s arrival
  • Indicate in the baby shower invitation with tasteful wording


How to ask for cash gifts in the baby shower invitation

  • If you’d like to help us prepare for your goals with our little one, a cash gift will be highly appreciated 
  • We’re accepting cash gifts, but they’re not expected
  • If you wish to send us a gift, a financial contribution would mean the world to us
  • You can contribute to our savings account to kickstart our baby’s future

What Type Of Gifts Are Typically Requested On A Baby Shower Invitation?

The parents-to-be will link their baby registry with the items they’ll need for their baby. They can be diapers, bottles, formula, onesies, mattresses, cribs, strollers, and other things new parents need with their first child. 

But nowadays, it’s also acceptable for parents-to-be to request gift cards or cash gifts at the party. You can always indicate where and how you’ll use these gifts for your child. 

And, of course, thank each guest personally with a thank you card and let them know where the gift card or money went. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to ask for gifts on a baby shower invitation by making a registry to which you can link the guests. 

Then, write a short phrase at the bottom of the invitation, but mention that guests are not obligated. You can also request gift cards or cash tastefully.

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