How To Arrange Throw Pillows On A Sectional Sofa

If you want to know how to arrange throw pillows on a sectional sofa, you need to give these two steps a quick read. Included are tips on choosing the colors and the stylish way to layer throw pillows according to their sizes. This article even discusses styling techniques for extra large sectionals. 

Speaking of styling a sectional, you might be interested in other DIY projects. For example, it’s easy to make a slipcover for sectional, and it can be helpful for aesthetics and function. A perfectly covered sectional can complement throw pillows nicely while also offering protection to help the sofa last longer.


How Do You Arrange Throw Pillows On A Sectional Couch?


Step 1. Decide on the colors and patterns

Use a color wheel to find the best color palette according to your sectional couch or existing decor. If you’re not familiar yet with the color wheel, find your main color and the color across it. Then, the two colors on each of their left and right side can comprise your palette when choosing throw pillows, but a maximum of five colors will suffice. 

You can also use several neutral shades for the majority of your couch pillows and then pop in some bold colors. For example, have a neutral-colored cushion paired with a printed pillow on each sectional corner. Then, place a bold color on the angle to add interest to the symmetrically-looking arrangement. 


Step 2. Layer the throw pillows

Now that you have foundation pillows with neutral shades accompanied with printed pillows and bold pillows for accent, you can consider grouping them into layers according to shapes and sizes. Usually, the large size of the sectional couch will work best for three pillows in each group without making the space look cluttered. However, you don’t need to stick with having an equal number of pillows for each layer because one side can have an extra pillow bearing the pop of color or anything that matches an accent in the room. 

Like when decorating a bed, your back pillows will be the biggest, and each subsequent layer will only go smaller. And for the final grouping, you can add one bolster pillow or any shape to add variety to the set-up. This is also the perfect time to put a throw blanket on the couch, whether it’s folded or draped. 


How Many Throw Pillows On A Sectional Couch?

The base number of throw pillows to have on the sectional sofa is seven. However, this can change lower or higher according to the size of the furniture and pillows themselves. You can also have up to nine throw pillows, so each end will have four and the extra one on the angle to add an exciting accent or texture to the set-up. 

With the base number seven, another arrangement option for you is to have the majority of throw pillows in the middle. Then, whatever is left will be on the sides. Remember that you still want to have enough space for people to use the sofa, so mix and match the throw pillows with comfort still in consideration. 


What Size Throw Pillows On Sectional?

The size of throw pillows you can have on the sectional couch can range from 16 by 16 inches to 24 by 24 inches. You can even have lumbar and round pillows around 12 by 20 inches and 13 by 20 inches, respectively. Of course, the larger your sectional is, the bigger throw pillows you can have.

Nowadays, some homeowners prefer having their throw pillows in a uniform size. The secret with this style is to introduce the variety using the pillows’ textures and materials. But if you want to mix throw pillows based on their sizes, there is no specific rule to follow as it’s possible to have different sizes in equal numbers.


How Do You Put Cushions On An L Shaped Couch?

Allocate the middle part and one corner of the L-shaped sectional for your throw pillows. Another method is to put the cushions on the elbow as this part of the L-shaped couch draws the most attention. And if you want to save space, only place the throw pillows on one side towards the corner or onto the chaise lounge section


How Do You Style A Large Sectional?

You can style a large sectional sofa like a pro by using eight pillows. They can be composed of four base pillows, two transitional or complementary pillows, and two accent pillows. Have them throughout the couch, alternating with space for seating to maximize the excess size of the sectional. 



Because of their size, sectional sofas can be intimidating to style. However, this article on how to arrange throw pillows on a sectional sofa has proved that it’s enjoyable more than stressful. You only need to set a color palette and decide on textures and patterns for accent pillows. Layer the pillows with the biggest as the first group, followed by the smaller sizes. 

Then, the size and number of throw pillows depend on your sectional. But what if you have a small room for your dream sectional? It is pretty bulky compared to your traditional loveseat, but arranging a sectional in a small living room is not something to fear if you plan strategically. 


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