How To Announce Baby Registry Without Baby Shower

There are four ways if you want to know how to announce baby registry without baby shower. We will discuss the etiquette and best wording examples to tell your guests about the baby registry without sounding tacky. 

But for those who want to request things subtly on the party’s invite, you can refer to our separate guide on how to ask for gifts on a baby shower invitation. It’s perfectly okay for expecting parents to receive items from their friends and family, as this is a tradition in baby showers. 

how to announce baby registry without baby shower


How To Announce Baby Registry Without Baby Shower


Use social media

The first way to announce the baby registry, even if there will be no baby shower, is with social media. Everyone uses social media nowadays, and it’s an easy way to reach people and have them find your registry link for your baby items. 

Depending on their family and friends, the expecting parents can create groups, pages, or posts about the baby registry. You can announce the pregnancy and clarify that you won’t have an event. 

Then, use polite wording to mention the registry. Do not feel awkward, as close friends and family expecting the baby’s arrival will likely ask for gift ideas anyway. 

Here’s a sample wording when you post on social media about not having a party, but there’s a baby registry:

Hello everyone! We are expecting a baby, but we decided not to have a baby shower. We hope you understand but know that we look forward to celebrating with you after the baby’s arrival. 

For those who want to contribute to items that our baby will need, feel free to visit our registry link. 

We are very grateful for your generosity! 


Make a webpage

A more formal way to announce the baby registry is with a webpage, even though you won’t have a baby shower. Usually, people having baby showers create a website so the guests can know more information that is too wordy to include in the baby shower invitation. 

But even though you don’t mind not having an event, you can still create a website, especially since there are many free options. It’s a great way to get everyone updated about your pregnancy and other things you want to share with everyone looking forward to your baby’s arrival. 

You can get creative and dedicate a page or simply design one page with all the information to mention the link. A website is also a great way to explain the items you’ve chosen or if you requested gifts like cash or gift cards.  

This way, family and friends know how their gifts will be used. You can also write about the gifts you’ve opened, let other parents comment, and share their insights about raising a baby. 


Send a text or email

For the parents-to-be who want an intimate event or a casual announcement that is okay with all their friends and family, you can just send a text or email. You can discuss why you do not have a baby shower, but you would always appreciate gifts for the baby. 

Be mindful not to sound like you’re obligating them to give things to the baby. But instead, use polite wordings like “gifts are welcome” and mention that you’re looking forward to celebrating with them at another event. 

Do you want party ideas to commemorate the arrival or upcoming birth of your little one that’s not a baby shower? Here are some options to celebrate your child’s life and honor the mom with what to do instead of a baby shower


Spread the word

The final way to announce the baby registry and let people know about the link of items to choose from is by simply spreading the word. You can also ask your close family and friends to tell other people you do not have a shower. 

Expecting parents can start considering not having a party early on. For example, some people have a pregnancy announcement event, which can be the time to announce that there will be no baby shower.

Because you’re present in person, you don’t want to insert the expectation of gifts in the conversation unnaturally. Just mention the baby registry if the other person asks about the items or things the baby may need. 


Can You Do A Baby Registry Without A Baby Shower?

It’s perfectly fine for expecting parents to do a registry without a baby shower. People will understand if you don’t want a party, but those who want to show their love and send their best wishes through gifts will appreciate your baby registry. 

But to avoid any misinterpretations with the gift list, only put baby things or items that the mom-to-be will need or use. Furthermore, offer a wide price range for the registry gifts, so friends and family with varying budgets can select a gift. 

Alternatively, some expecting parents treat their guests to party alternatives. Perhaps they plan a party after the baby is born or modify the baby shower into a drive-in shower or open house event with a limited duration for the visiting guests. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to announce baby registry without baby shower via social media, website, text or email, or in-person. 

It’s acceptable to do a baby registry even without a shower. Just remember to send your thank you cards to the thoughtful people who send their gifts and messages.

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