How To Anchor A Canopy On Concrete? 2 Easy Methods To Follow!

Do you want to know how to anchor a canopy on concrete? Well, there are quick and easy methods you can follow, which you’ll find out later. 

There’s no problem when you assemble a canopy tent into the grass. What’s kind of challenge is when you stake it on concrete. 

How To Anchor A Canopy On Concrete

You need to know how you could weigh the canopy down, so it won’t easily be blown away. 

The good news is that there are actually numerous ways you can execute without spending a lot, and these include weights out cinder blocks, weight bags, and buckets or sand or water. 

So, let’s start!


Tent Weight Using Large Buckets

Although this method requires you to spend some time to make it, it’s still efficient and very cheap to use. Here are the steps:


Step #1. Get all the things needed

First, you need to have buckets, around 4 to 8 pieces. It’s the most convenient option, especially if what you will fill inside the bucket is accessible near the event.

You will need either gravel, sand, or water, depending upon your preference. 

Take note:

It’s a good idea to have buckets with handles. 

Why did you ask?

It’s easy to tie the rope in the handles when you attach the weights in your canopy.  


Step #2. Fill the bucket 

Depending upon your option, as mentioned earlier, you can now fill the buckets. 

Most of the time, public events have a weight requirement when tents are involved. Usually, each tent leg should weigh around 18 kg (It really depends, though). 

The type of filler you want can also be used. This method needs a varying amount of filler; take note of that. 


Step #3. Fill the container with concrete

If you wish to make permanent weights, then you can fill the container with concrete

Generally, you need to combine cement with water (it’s best to follow the cement package direction). 

Take note of this:

You can’t empty the bucket after using, obviously. 

As I said earlier, it’s permanent. 


Step #4. Attach a rope or bungee cord to the handle

I told you- a bucket with a handle is recommended. You can just easily attach a rope to it. 

You can do this by simply tying or clipping the knot or cord to the handle. 

Remember this:

The rope should be long enough; it should reach the canopy’s top frame. The same is true with the bungee cord; it should stretch as far as that. 


Step #5. Time to connect

Now, it’s time to connect the cord or rope to the edge of your canopy’s frame. 

To ensure that the bucket is near the ground, you have to place it near the leg. 

See to it that the bucket is not hanging; otherwise, you will need a longer bungee cord or rope. 

Also, it’s essential to have the right length to avoid spilling and swinging. 

Much worse, it can be a tripping hazard, especially to passers-by. And I know that you won’t take the risk. 


Using Tent Weight Bags

Perhaps, this is the easiest option, but it may require you to spend some penny. Here are the steps:


Step #1. But weight bags

There are so many options of weight bags you can find on the market. 

Most of the time, you are required to fill the bag with sand

After this, you can place the bag on the legs and frame of your canopy. 

Here’s what’s amazing about this method:

It’s the simplest option; it’s definitely a time-saver. 

Take note of this, though:

The weight bags should be in accordance with the weight requirement of the event (if the canopy is used at a public event)


Step #2. Use cinder blocks

There are a lot of cinder block weighs out there, and the most common one weighs around 13 kg. 

These blocks can be used as tent weights. All you need to do is to tie the block at the tent frame. 

Take note of two things before using cinder blocks:


#1. Sometimes, public events do not permit the use of cinder blocks.

Why so?

They’re usually a cause of tripping.

So, before opting for this, make sure that it’s allowed.


#2. This method is the most convenient when using the tent at home. 

In case you’ll be using it at a public event, cover the block with sheets of old towels; this is to avoid people from scraping when they bumped through it. 


Step #3. Use exercise weights

In case you have exercise weights at home, then you can use these as tent weights. 

You can save up if you already have one. But, if none, you still need to buy it (it’s not practical, though). 

As always, you have to check if exercise weights are allowed. 


Final Wrap!

There are a few methods on how to anchor a canopy on concrete.

Depending upon your preference, you can surely keep your tent’s weight down. 

You can DIY or buy; it’s up to you!

If you ask me, it’s practical to use things that are already available at home. 

Just be resourceful. Just make sure that the thing you’ll use is allowed, especially when you’ll be using the canopy at a public event. 

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