How to Adjust an Apex Collection Swivel Recliner


If you have a recliner from the Apex Collection, how do you adjust it? Most people think that all they need to do is push on the lever and pull on the armrest. This isn’t always true. If your recliner doesn’t move or is hard to move, there are some simple steps for how to adjust an apex collection swivel recliner.


Steps on Adjusting an Apex Collection Swivel Recliner

Step 1. Remove the two screws that are located on either side of the recliner. This is how you take off the armrests and detach them to make adjustments easier. Once you have removed these screws, set them aside for now as they will not be needed again until reassembly.

Step 2. Check where your current lever position is by removing this screw from behind the chair’s back pocket.

Step 3. Now pull up gently while holding onto one end of it with a rag or something else to avoid getting burnt if hot glue comes out when detaching it. You want to adjust how much movement there is in three different positions before gluing it back together so make sure to do each step at least twice: sitting down, standing up and leaning into it.

Step 4. Once you like how the lever moves in each of these positions make sure to put all screws back so nobody can adjust them when they’re not supposed to be able to. (insert diagram)


What is Apex Collection Swivel Recliner?

The Apex Collection Swivel Recliner is a gorgeous reclining chair that has many great features for your home comfort needs including being adjustable with an electric power headrest, hidden storage pockets on both sides of the arm rest along with two more under the seat cushion, swiveling motion capabilities and even optional double rocker base if desired.

The unit also comes standard as part of our Platinum or Diamond Collections which offers a lifetime warranty plus free shipping within continental US states. This chair also features a high weight capacity of up to 350 pounds, so no one is left out!

The recliner has three adjustable positions: upright and two different types of reclining. The back can be adjusted from being flat or at an angle by pushing the lever on the side with your foot.

To adjust how far it goes down into a reclined position, there are sensors that measure how much you’re pressing in as well as how far forward or backward you push the button – which will tell the chair how much to move until it reaches its maximum range extending past vertical.

This can also be done using both feet if desired. There is also a manual function where you can use your hand to pull up on small tabs near either side of the chair to release it into a reclined position.


How do you adjust the footrest tension on a recliner?

Tightening the footrest tension on a recliner is not as simple as just pulling it towards you. This can only be done if you have motorized chair with power operated footrests, which are typically found in electric chairs or massage chairs.

If your feet want to slip off the bottom of the foot rest while sitting down, this means that they need tightening and how much pressure is applied to them will depend how high up from the ground they are situated – usually about eight inches at most.

Adjusting these requires pressing one button for either side separately until satisfied before releasing both buttons simultaneously so that nothing gets jammed.


What’s The Difference Between A Leather And Fabric Reclining Chair?

The difference between fabric and leather reclining chairs is how they are made. Fabric chair cushions are often stuffed with foam and fibers, while a leather recliner has an inner frame of wood or metal that’s wrapped in cowhide (or other animal hides), which may be dyed different colors.

Some people prefer fabric for its more traditional look and feel, while others might like the high-end appeal of premium quality leather furniture. Each type has advantages over the other – choose what suits your needs best!


How can I make my recliner easier to recline?

It’s important to maintain your recliner so that it lasts as long as possible. To make the chair more comfortable and easier to recline, try adjusting how far back you push against the armrests – this will provide better support for your head, neck, and shoulders when sitting in a reclining position. It may also reduce how much pressure is placed on the front of your thighs or feet.

You can experiment with how far back you want to be able to lean without having any discomfort by using one hand at a time (or both if necessary) behind each side of the seat cushion while still keeping some tension on the footrest lever.

Once you find an angle where there is no pain whatsoever, adjust how far back you need to push on the armrests to keep that comfortable position.


How often should I have my power reclining chair serviced?

In order to make sure that they last as long as possible, we recommend having them checked at least twice per year by a qualified technician who can ensure its performance is operating properly and potentially replace any worn components.

It’s also important to keep in mind that how much use your chair gets will dictate how quickly maintenance needs to be done – if you use it a lot, then you’ll want to get it serviced more often than if you only use it occasionally.


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