How to Adjust a Pedestal Swivel Recliner Chair

If you are looking for a comfortable recliner chair, then the pedestal swivel reclining chair is perfect for you. The best thing about these chairs is how adjustable they are so that they can suit your needs and body perfectly. You can adjust them to sit upright or lean back as much as needed.

However, sometimes it may seem like there is something wrong with how your chair moves or how to make adjustments on it at all. This blog post will give you information on how to adjust a pedestal swivel recliner chair so that it suits your needs perfectly!

Steps on Adjusting A Pedestal Swivel Reclining Chair

Step 1. To adjust how far back the chair reclines, you need to first push your seat all the way forward so that it is touching the base.

Step Two: You should then lean on the front of a chair and pull up on its arms as if you were going to stand up from it. This will cause tension in the rope holding your seat in place which will allow you to move it further towards or away from where you want it at any given time.

Step Three: If you need to back your seat up, release the tension on the rope by leaning down.

How to Replace recliner swivel base

A pedestal swivel recliner chair has a base that is attached to the floor. This base allows for stability and movement in any direction as opposed to chairs with wheels. Over time, this piece of furniture may have wear or damage that needs repair.

The following steps will show how to replace your old base so you can enjoy years more use out of your recliner:

Steps on Replacing Recliner Swivel Base

Step 1. Locate an area on the bottom side of your reclining chair where two screws are holding it together (usually at either end). You’ll need a flat head screwdriver for these bolts

Step 2. Remove both screws by turning them counterclockwise but be careful not to strip their heads if they break off before unscrewing them completely

Step 3. Separate the two pieces of your reclining chair so that you can see how it was previously assembled before removing

Step 4. Take out the old base, being careful not to ruin any parts or screws in the process.

Step 5. Make sure to keep track of how each screw goes back into place on top of your new replacement base (you’ll only need one for now) and put them aside together as a set. You will use these later after assembling all your other hardware components.

Step 6. The next step is connecting all four pins with their corresponding holes found inside both side panels by pushing them down gently but firmly until they click into place.

This connection aids stability when using this piece of furniture and makes everything more secure while moving around from one position to another

Now it’s time to secure everything in place by putting the four screws back into their respective holes on top of your new base. You will need a screwdriver for this process so make sure you have one nearby and that you’re not missing any pieces or parts

When all is said and done, put the bolts through both side panels before securing them with washers and nuts (four total – two per bolt) from inside the seating area. Tighten each nut until they are flush against its corresponding metal surface while using a wrench to ensure stability

Once again, be careful not to ruin anything when doing this because these are essential steps needed to finish properly assembling your pedestal swivel recliner chair

Finish this process by securing the bolts to their respective posts and tighten everything up as firm as you can. The chair should now be sturdy enough for your desired use.

How to Install Boat Seat Pedestal Base

This is an adequate seating option if one does not have room for bench seats, and want to maximize space aboard a boat with four individual chairs. Keep in mind that this how-to can be applied to any type of chair or furniture which requires a pedestal base installation.


Two (or more) pieces of plywood cut into 27″ x 15″, 24″x15″, 17” x 12”; One sheet of ¼ inch foam insulation cut to the same size as first two boards; Four bolts at least ½ inches long, washers, nuts and rubber bumpers; Hammer/Nail Gun combo kit; Drill with Phillips head bit and countersink bit; Jigsaw or coping saw.

Tools: Level, pencil


Step One – Cut out the first two pieces of plywood for each pedestal base from 27″x15″ to 18” x 12” (for a total cut measurement of 22″). Saw off ¼ inch at one end creating an edge as seen in Figure A. The top piece will be 17 inches by 15 inches while the bottom is 24 by 14″.

Step Two – Apply foam insulation to both sides of all three boards on their flat edges which are not being screwed into place. Use appropriate fasteners such as nails or staples so that it does not shift during the installation process.

Step Three – Drill the holes for your screws to fasten all three boards together. Make sure you drill a hole in each corner of both pieces that will be screwed into place, and one on the middle edge from front to back.

Step Four – Assemble with wood screws through drilled holes forming an X pattern.

Step Five – On the bottom board only, attach a ¾ inch piece of plywood at either end so it forms right angles against the pedestal base. Do not attach this extension onto the top two boards where they are resting on the floor or frame yet!

The reason for this is because these extensions must also rest flat against upholstery fabrics that you will attach to the top two boards.

Step Six – Screw into place with wood screws through a drilled hole in extension. These extensions should be screwed tight enough against upholstery fabric that it does not slide around but still wiggle a bit so you can get an idea of how much movement is desired for your recliner’s comfort.

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