How To Address Apartments On Wedding Invitations

Those curious to learn how to address apartments on wedding invitations should understand how to word the apartment address and where to put it on the wedding invitations. You should understand the etiquette of addressing a wedding invitation, but understandably, it can be not very clear if the guests live in apartments. 

Continue reading below to know the proper way to write addresses on wedding invitations. And if you haven’t collected them yet, here’s a guide on how to gather addresses for a wedding

how to address apartments on wedding invitations


Etiquette On How To Address Apartments On Wedding Invitations

When you understand how to address wedding invitations, it’s given that you write street types completely. Similarly, apartments are considered secondary address details, and you will word them entirely as “apartment” or “unit.”

Remember that the apartment or condo unit will have its own address. And when writing on invitations for weddings, the apartment address should be on the second line. 

The first line is the formal names of the guest; then you will spell out all the words in the address. Here is an example of addressing apartments on wedding invitations with the name of the guest and their street address:

Mr. And Mrs. John Smith [Street number and street name] [Apartment number] [City, state, and postal zip code]

But what if you also need to address a building and not just an apartment on the wedding invitation? You will need two lines to fit the address or similar to this:

Mr. And Mrs. John Smith [Street number and street name] [Building number] [Apartment number] [City, state, and postal zip code]


Do You Spell Out The Apartment Number On Wedding Invitations?

When addressing apartments on wedding invitations, you will write out the apartment addresses and no abbreviations. You’ll write out the apartment or unit, which is why they are written on the second line to ensure that they’ll be read correctly. 

Try this example when writing on the invitation:

[Guest name with proper titles]

[Street address]

[Apartment and apartment number]

[City, state, and postal zip code]

Note that you may need more lines, especially if you’re inviting different guests from the same household. Make sure there are also no typographical errors, mainly because the wedding envelope addresses are handwritten. 

Please read how to print wedding invitations at home to avoid issues with writing and printing. 


How Do You Formally Write An Apartment Address On Wedding Invitations?

The simplest way to understand the etiquette of addressing wedding invitations where the guests live in apartments is to dedicate another line for the word “apartment” and the apartment number. 

This will be easier to read, and it’s formal since the street address is on a separate line. Wedding calligraphers know that you should not use Apt. when addressing apartments on wedding invitations. 


How Do You Address Apartment Numbers On Save The Dates?

Besides the proper way of addressing wedding invites, do you know how to address wedding save the dates? It is similar to addressing wedding invitations, but in general, save the date cards are more creative and fun than formal invites. 

Here are the components of addressing save the date cards if the guest lives in an apartment:

  • Guests’ full name (i.e., you don’t need to be stressed about titles and honorifics)
  • Complete address that you write out without abbreviation (e.g., the apartment is not written as apt)


[Guest name]

[Street address]

[Apartment and apartment number]

[City, state, and postal zip code]


Do You Put Address On Wedding Invitation?

Addressing wedding invitations is not as complicated as it seems. You only need to remember that the etiquette is to write out everything and use lines to make the wedding invitation address easy to understand. 

  • Spell out the complete full name of the guests, but you can abbreviate Mister and Misses (please state clearly who you are inviting from the household)
  • Write the address completely without abbreviations (apartments, for example, should be written as “Apartment” and not Apt.)
  • Use separate lines on the address if the information is over 20 digits
  • Do not use symbols (e.g., if you need to write “and,” spell it out than use the symbol for it)


How Do You Address A Wedding Invitation With Venue?

When writing the venue on your wedding invitation, you don’t need to address it completely. Instead, you will write the city and state of your wedding venue, but the street address and zip code are unnecessary. 

However, you will write the street address if you have two wedding venues within the same city and state. Other etiquette guides also state that you should be specific when writing a wedding venue, so the choice is up to you. 

If it’s a destination wedding, you can also write the country. And if the reception is at the same place as the wedding ceremony, then simply write “Reception to follow.”

Otherwise, you’ll use another card on the invitation suite for the reception details. If you invite guests to a hotel for accommodation or more, here’s how to word hotel information for a wedding



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to address apartments on wedding invitations where it should be spelled out, and you’ll use another line for it after the street address. 

If there is a building, you should also use a separate line for it and avoid abbreviations. Let us know below if you have any questions. 

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