How To Add Sparkle To A Wedding Dress: Best Tricks

If you want to know how to add sparkle to a wedding dress, simplify the process into two steps. This guide talks about the best tricks to add sparkle to a wedding dress, including the embellishments to consider. 

You’ll also know if you should do the modifications yourself or if you must hire a professional to improve your wedding dress. And for more wedding dress-related tutorials, browse our blog to make sure you’ll look the best in it on your wedding day. 

how to add sparkle to a wedding dress

For example, you may like to learn what goes under the wedding dress to make it poofy. More than the sparkles and embellishments, the dress’s silhouette can make it look more wedding-appropriate.  


How Can I Make My Wedding Dress Sparkle?


Plan the embellishments

  • Do not go overboard with the embellishments in an attempt to make your wedding dress sparkle
  • Before adding the sparkly details, plan their placement first to see if the look is not cluttered
  • Keep in mind the color of your wedding dress to know what embellishments will look best against it
  • Scout different sparkly wedding dresses the same type as yours for inspiration to know where to put the sparkly details according to the style and silhouette of your specific dress
  • Stick to one or two types of sparkly embellishments 
  • Sequins are best to make a flat-looking wedding dress shimmer, while beads are the more subtle alternative, especially when your wedding dress already has many embellishments
  • If your wedding dress has lace or an intricate pattern, consider crystal beads or pearl beads for highlighting their details and adding sparkle
  • Be mindful of the type of embellishments you’ll add as they might be too heavy on the delicate fabrics of the wedding dress
  • Ensure that the sparkly details won’t rub against the skin, especially if they’re placed close to the neck or arms


Be strategic, and don’t hesitate to ask an expert

  • You don’t need to embellish the entire wedding dress to make it sparkle
  • Instead, consider adding sparkly embellishments along the wedding dress hem
  • The neckline of the wedding dress is also perfect for adding sparkle 
  • Ask your bridal dress consultant for potential suggestions when adding sparkly details to your wedding dress
  • Consider having the embellishments attached by a professional seamstress unless you are confident with your sewing skills 
  • Be open to suggestions and ideas by the experts at the bridal shop as they know what would be ideal and practical when modifying your wedding dress
  • Remember that you can’t just sew embellishments on the wedding dress without careful planning; some may cause changes in the overall size and fit of the dress
  • The seamstress may also recommend altering the wedding dress with shiny fabrics like silk satin or something shimmering like glitter tulle on the body or skirt of the wedding dress instead of sewing embellishments
  • If you can’t commit to sewing embellishments to the wedding dress or you’re running out of time to get it done, you can still add sparkle to your wedding dress using removable accessories
  • Wear a studded bridal bolero if the wedding dress is sleeveless
  • Find a sparkly sash or belt that complements the shape of the wedding dress
  • Use a shimmering brooch to add sparkle to the plain-looking wedding dress


How Do You Put Swarovski Crystals On A Wedding Dress?

Swarovski crystals are one of the best embellishments you can add to make a wedding dress look more sparkly. You can use craft glue to attach them, but be mindful not to make a mess. 

  1. Start by laying a tin foil flat and setting the craft glue on it 
  2. Plan where you’ll put the Swarovski crystals on the wedding dress and dot the craft glue on each spot one by one with the toothpick
  3. Grab a Swarovski crystal with tweezers for easier placement and put it over the drop of glue
  4. Do not apply pressure when placing the crystal over the glue dot, but allow the adhesive to spill around the crystal 
  5. Let the embellished wedding dress dry for 24 hours 


How Do You Put Sequins In A Wedding Dress?

Sequins come in different sizes and colors, and they can add some sparkle to your wedding dress. You also have the option to embellish the wedding dress with sequins using glue or by sewing, whereas the latter is preferable due to longevity. 

The sewing machine is best for large sequins, but smaller ones are better attached by hand. If this seems tasking, there are also sequined appliques and fabrics that you can add to your wedding dress. 

We recommend reading how to sew sequins with a sewing machine if you want a more in-depth tutorial. 


How Do I Add Sparkle To A Plain Wedding Dress?

Wear diamond jewelry, gemstones, glittery shoes, shimmering hair accessories, or incorporate cover-ups made of glistening fabric on your wedding dress to add sparkle to it. Your makeup artist can also use sparkly eyeshadow, highlighter, and lip gloss in your look. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to add sparkle to a wedding dress by deciding on the embellishments and knowing where to put them. 

The key is not going overboard and never getting afraid to ask for suggestions or having a professional do the modification on your dress. We hope you get the best sparkle on your wedding day; leave us a question if you have any. 


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