How To Add A Hood To A Crochet Blanket In 2 Simple Steps

On how to add a hood to a crochet blanket, you only need to be aware of two essential steps or stages: making the hood and attaching the said hood to the blanket.


how to add a hood to a crochet blanket

While the process itself might be complicated, you won’t have any problems as long as you follow this guide!


So, get those needles and yarns ready! With this article, you would learn how to add a hood and know the typical patterns of crochet blankets and the good yarns you can use.


Steps on How To Add A Hood To A Crochet Blanket

Blankets provide you that warm embrace you are yearning for during a cold and breezy day. But do you know what will make these blankets even better? A hood!


Crochet hooded blankets are trendy for both kids and adults alike! You want in on the trend? Here are two steps to adding a hood to your blanket!


Step #1. Making the hood

The hood is one of the two vital materials you need for this guide. The other one is the crochet blanket. You can either buy one or perhaps make one yourself.


If you are not confident in your sewing skills, it might be ideal to purchase a hood or have someone make it for you.


For this, you need to consider the design and color of your crochet blanket. While it is not necessary, it is still better that the hood will match the blanket.


In making the hood yourself, there are quite a few things to consider, such as the hood’s style and pattern and the type of yarn you should use.


If the hooded blanket is for your kids, there are a wide variety of designs you can play with.


If you have a lot of practice with knitting, you can use several characters or animals as your inspiration, such as a unicorn, cat, dinosaur, bunny, dog, and even an alien!


If you are still a beginner, you can settle with the typical hood. You can look up a few tutorials online to make it.


Step #2. Attaching the hood

You now have the hood down. It’s time to attach it to the crochet blanket!


It would be best to determine which part of the blanket you will attach the hood on. It might be good to use a rectangular-shaped blanket.


Typically, hoods are connected to the shorter side of it.


You can then start stitching the crochet hood onto your blanket. It is advisable to use the same type of yarn on your blanket.


The way you’ll stitch it depends on you. You can use a sewing technique that you are most comfortable with. You can use different types of crochet stitches.


What Are The Common Patterns of A Crochet Hooded Blanket?

It was mentioned that there are different types of hood patterns you can try. That isn’t an exaggeration.


With hooded crochet blankets growing in popularity, new designs and patterns just kept appearing on the internet every day!


The most popular patterns would be animal-themed hoods. You can create your kid’s favorite animal’s ears and horns with the hoods! May that be cat ears, rabbit ears, mouse ears, or even unicorn horns!


In choosing or creating a hood, allow your creative juices to run wild!


What Type of Yarn Should You Use?

If you made the hood yourself and used the same yarn as the one in your blanket, then the choice is easy. If not, here are a few choices for you.


  • Acrylic – This is a synthetic fiber that would hold up during washing and drying. The colors also don’t fade quickly. A bonus is that it is cheaper compared to natural fibers!


  • Cotton – These are yarns that are plant-based fibers. It usually shrinks, but washing with cold water and setting the machine to low heat while drying can reduce shrinkage.


  • Bamboo – This is another plant-based fiber. This yarn is believed to contain antibacterial properties. Washing it alone can lead to misshape, but combining it with wool would create a more elastic yarn.


  • Wool – This is a natural animal fiber that is elastic, breathable and has excellent stitch definition. You can choose a machine washable yarn that is treated chemically to reduce felting.


How To Wash and Store A Crochet Hooded Blanket?

You can wash a hooded crochet blanket the same way you wash other crochet blankets. You can dry it using an automatic dryer but make sure to place it on low heat.


In terms of typical drying methods, you can lay it out on a flat surface and let the blanket dry for at least 24 hours. You can flip the blanket once in a while to allow even drying.


For storing, you can keep them inside a dark closet. Just avoid dumping them in attics or basements since the humidity can destroy the fabric.



Blankets themselves are extraordinary inventions, but hooded ones are on a whole new level. Learning how to add a hood to a crochet blanket can get a bit tricky, especially without much stitching knowledge.


With enough patience and research, you’ll be able to accomplish it!