How To Add A Donation Button In PayPal? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to find out how to add a donation button? Well, my friends, that’s something easy. Let us teach you this for the most common platform, which is Facebook.

Open Facebook, click on ‘edit page,’ and choose the option of ‘nonprofit organization’ for your page. After that, you will get the opportunity to add a donation button. And there you go, you just added a donation button to your page.

how to add a donation button

Other platforms allow you to add a donation button as well like PayPal. And we will teach you how to add donation button for that platform too.

There is so much to know about this topic, my friends. Continue reading this article if you want to find out how to do that!


Donation: A Brief Definition 

What is the definition of donation? Well then, here’s the answer. A donation is given to a person or an organization solely for a good cause, without expecting anything in return. A donation could be a considerable amount or a tiny one, as small as a few dollars. But, they both hold the same importance because a donation’s worth is not defined by how big or small it is. Moreover, it’s not necessary to only donate money. 

You can donate various other things. This is because any donation made is still attached to its core value: giving something only for a good cause without expecting anything in return. 

Even though almost all donations are made simply for a good cause without expecting anything in return, monetary donations exist; these are donations where the donor does require something in return. An example of this is the cost of donating eggs and sperm for donors. 


The Types Of Donations 

Now, there are various ways to donate it. And here are some of them: 


#1. Donating to the nonprofits 

This is one of the most common ways to donate. Nonprofits are organizations that have specific missions for the betterment of society. The achievement of these missions does not bring them any profit and is solely done for the well-being of others. In a nonprofit, the organization frequently comes up with new plans for the donors to donate to. This is done to fulfill the needs of the community they serve. So concluding this real quick, nonprofits are a great way to donate, and many of them have monthly giving plans which allow you to contribute monetary a specific amount every month without any hassle. 


#2. Medical donations 

Now you’ve probably heard of the most common; blood donation. Yes, so that is a medical donation. If you don’t know about it, this is essentially a donation where the donor donates their blood to help patients who need it for their recovery processes. There are many types of medical contributions like the: 

  • Plasma donation 
  • Platelet donation 
  • Power red donation 

The list goes on. 


#3. Donations made directly 

Now, this is by far the most straightforward type of donation. And, it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that this is the traditional way to donate. But, using this way to grant you give to those you think are in need. It could be someone you know; it could be a homeless person or just anyone you think merely is merely financial in demand and can make good use of the donation you make to them. These donations are not always money. Instead, you can donate clothes, toys, books, stationery, or anything that you think might be useful to someone. 


#4. Taking part in charity events 

Charity events are a great and fun way to donate. In this, the host organizes an event. It merely could be a marathon, a bicycle race, a simple games event, or maybe a charity dinner for fundraising. The funds are usually raised for particular reasons. The host asks everyone attending the event to bring a small amount to donate, which is how funds are raised. Read about the charity event planning process


#5. Donation bins 

Maybe you’re a little lazy and don’t feel like going to the local donation center with the burden of carrying all the stuff you want to donate. Then the easiest solution to your problem is donation bins. You must’ve seen these bins by the side of the road or maybe in a parking lot. Well, these bins are pretty convenient to use. They usually specify what each container is for, and you can simply drop the stuff you want to donate in its respective categories. Furthermore, these bins are either set up by donation centers that use your granted things for charity or commercial companies that ship your property overseas. Know where to buy donation boxes.


How To Add Donation Button In PayPal

In this section, we’ll be teaching you how to add a donation button for PayPal. Here are the following steps:


Step #1. Go to ‘payments’

Go to PayPal and scroll to the option of ‘Payments.’


Step #2. Click ‘donations’

Click on the option ‘Payments’ and then find the option ‘Donations.’


Step #3. Choose ‘add a donation button’

After finding the option ‘Donations,’ click on the ‘add a donation button.’


Step #4. You’re done

After clicking on this, you will have the donation button right in front of you; you can customize it and place it on your desired page.


It’s A Wrap

We hope you now know how to add a donation button. Great job for reading this article till the end! You may also want to know about how to put a donation button on your website and how to create a donation button on Facebook

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