How To Accessorize A Red Dress For A Wedding

If you’re interested to know how to accessorize a red dress for a wedding, you must understand the do’s and don’ts of wearing one. We have also included below the etiquette of wearing red dresses as a guest to a wedding. 

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how to accessorize a red dress for a wedding


Exactly How To Accessorize A Red Dress For A Wedding


Dos of wearing a red dress at weddings

It’s acceptable to wear red dresses at weddings if you follow the etiquette for guest outfits. Furthermore, you want to accessorize and style your red wedding guest attire to look sophisticated and elegant. 

  • For your accessories like your coverup, bag, shoes, belt, or shawl, colors like black and white should pair nicely with red
  • Depending on the shade of red, your red dress can also pair well with pink, gold, and blue 
  • Since your red dress is the statement piece of your outfit, you should opt for dark neutral colors 
  • Your bag with the red dress for a wedding can also be red
  • If you prefer light colors to accessorize, it should be with a light shade of red and not burgundy
  • Avoid combining multiple colors with red; red plus one or two colors for your wedding attire should suffice
  • As for the jewelry choice recommended by stylists with red, yellow gold is preferred over silver as the latter can look too much of a contrast with red 


Don’ts of wearing a red dress at weddings

Since red is a bold color, there are many key elements to avoid, as guests should never upstage the bride when they wear a red dress. Of course, it shouldn’t look similar to a wedding dress, or it has bridal features, but additionally, keep these in mind when accessorizing a red dress:

  • Colors like green and purple won’t look good with red dresses
  • Yellow and brown with red do not create a flattering contrast
  • If your accessory with the red dress is in patterns, it shouldn’t be too colorful and has red included in the colors 
  • Choose only one between black and white to combine with a red dress
  • Red dresses are better with dressy flats and heels than boots for a wedding
  • Be mindful of your makeup’s intensity with the red dress


How Do You Wear A Red Dress For A Wedding?

Red dresses are acceptable at weddings if you know how to wear them correctly. Keep these etiquette tips in mind to maintain modesty and avoid getting misinterpreted as disrespectful to the couple:


Be lowkey with the red dress outfit

Maintaining modesty is the key to respectfully pulling off a red dress at a wedding. How you accessorize and style the red dress should not look like you’re distracting from the focus, which is the bride. 

To wear a subtle red dress, select a style that’s not too revealing with features like a low neckline, short length, or a backless panel. And, of course, avoid very bright red tones like scarlet, and you’ll look more regal in maroon and dark reds for a wedding.


Make sure the red dress is culturally appropriate for the wedding

Some cultures do not have brides in white; instead, the bridal gown can be red. Therefore, you must pick another color if the wedding you attend reserves red for the bride. 

Some people might also interpret red as a color of protest against the wedding since red represents courage. On the contrary, guests might show their support for the wedding by wearing red dresses since red symbolizes prosperity.


How to wear red to a wedding respectfully

  • Ask the couple or someone from the wedding party if guests can wear red
  • Ask another guest if they’ll wear red to the wedding
  • Avoid bright red dresses that can steal the show
  • Make sure red has a positive connotation to the couple’s culture
  • Do not accessorize red with bright colors
  • Select a natural makeup look
  • Avoid dresses with bridal features like a ball gown silhouette or eye-catching embellishments.
  • Check the wedding dress code to know the shade and style of red dress to wear
  • Dark reds fit formal evening weddings
  • Ruby red can look fantastic with glamorous weddings
  • Use the wedding season and theme to style your red dress accordingly

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Is A Red Dress Okay For A Wedding?

It’s acceptable to wear a red dress to a wedding as it’s even a color sometimes recommended for guest outfits on some dress codes, venues, and themes. However, if the bride wears a red wedding dress, you should select another color for your wedding guest attire. 

You don’t want to seem flashy at someone else’s wedding. And, of course, if the wedding color palette does not include red, you’ll likely stand out. 

Finally, gauge how you think most people will perceive you if you wear a red dress to a wedding. Some people may not mind it, while others may associate it with being disrespectful.



Was this guide helpful? You just learned the dos and don’ts on how to accessorize a red dress for a wedding.

The best colors to pair with a red dress are black and white, never green or purple. And for jewelry, gold will look best with a red dress for a wedding.

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