How Thick Should A Latex Mattress Be: 4 Factors

You can know how thick should a latex mattress be by using four factors. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to mention a specific number because of variables affecting your ideal latex mattress thickness. It can also be overwhelming to select between 6 to 13 inches, the typical latex thickness range. 

In addition to reading this latex mattress thickness guide, we had a separate discussion to help you know how thick a mattress should be. So please give that a glance to familiarize yourself with more factors to consider when selecting mattress thickness. 

how thick should a latex mattress be


How Thick Does My Latex Mattress Need To Be?


Sleeping position

There are various latex beds in the market, so it should be easy to determine the specific model perfect for your body type and sleeping position. For example, the latex mattress should be between 6 to 9 inches if you sleep on your back, while side sleepers need something thicker, around 10 to 13 inches. Meanwhile, stomach sleepers need something thinner at 6 inches or lower. 

Back sleepers must use a medium-thick latex bed to ensure that their lower back won’t have a significant gap with the mattress. On the other hand, side sleepers need a thicker latex bed to cushion and relieve the pressure on their shoulder and hips. And finally, a thin latex mattress is a must for stomach sleepers to prevent further deviation from the spine when in this position. 


Sleeper weight

Latex mattresses are perhaps the most durable foam beds, but you still need to account for your body weight when selecting the thickness of your latex bed. Furthermore, those who share the latex mattress must combine their weights to know if the bed adequately supports the result. For example, lightweight individuals around 130 pounds can use a 6-inch latex mattress, while those around 225 pounds are better with a thicker 9-inch latex mattress. 

If you are more than 225 pounds or at least 275 pounds, you will only get the proper support to prevent sinkage with a 10-inch latex bed. And for sleepers weighing 275 pounds or more, a 12-inch or thicker latex mattress should be your choice. We have found a latex mattress best for obese people that you can check out as well. 


Health issues

A thick latex mattress between 9 to 13 might benefit sleepers with painful health conditions such as back pain and sore muscles because of the extra cushioning. However, beware of getting a very thick and soft bed as it may discourage your spine from a neutral position. It should be easy to find a latex mattress in the market with a structure that offers the perfect plushness for pressure relief, but the core is still firm enough to keep the body straight. 

We have reviewed the four best latex mattresses if you’re unfamiliar with the trusted and biggest latex mattress brands. Some brands even offer models where the buyer can select the thickness they need. And if you have a specific medical condition, it would always benefit you to ask your healthcare provider for his recommended mattress. 


Personal preference

The final consideration when selecting a latex mattress thickness is the user’s personal comfort preference. Remember that thickness is not correlated with the bed’s firmness, but you can expect the thinner latex beds to feel too stiff, especially if you are lightweight. On the other hand, some people also hate sleeping on a thick bed because they feel swallowed. 

The latex mattress thickness will affect the height of the bed. So if you have trouble getting in and out of bed, you might want a thinner latex mattress. And finally, please check the overall structure of the latex mattress because its overall thickness might also include other layers that may or may not be made from latex. 


Is A 6 Inch Latex Mattress Thick Enough?

A 6-inch latex mattress is thick enough, especially for some back and stomach sleepers that don’t need a very plush bed. However, you can get a better loft if you get a latex mattress with at least a 6-inch base layer. Of course, you can always add a mattress topper as well, and the good news is some brands offer latex mattress toppers if you want to be consistent with the materials on your bed.


Is an 8 inch latex mattress thick enough?

An 8-inch latex mattress is probably the safest mattress thickness to get if you find a 6-inch bed too thin or a 9-inch mattress too high. Eight inches offers enough height to make getting in and out of bed comfortable, providing suitable thickness for each mattress layer. For example, a 3-inch comfort layer and a 5-inch base layer for a latex bed should be supportive and sturdy.


Which is better, a 10 or 12 inch latex mattress?

Choosing between a 10-inch and a 12-inch latex mattress will depend on the sleeper. For example, people who need to alleviate stress on the joints and muscle pain will benefit more with a 12-inch latex mattress, while side sleepers can do with a 10-inch latex bed.



And that’s it! To recap how thick should a latex mattress be, it will depend on the sleeping position, sleeper body weight, health conditions, and personal preference. An 8-inch latex bed is a good and safe choice, but you can always get something thicker and thinner. 

Ultimately, remember that thicker is not always better as the mattress materials and your usage will affect its longevity more than its thickness. 


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