How Thick Is A Standard Mattress? Amazing Facts To Know!

How thick is a standard mattress? When you are tired from school, work, etc., where do you want to go straight?

I guess heading home getting a good rest is what you’ll be needing after a long tiring day.

When you have a hard time at work and get tired, causing muscle pain and sprains you should be resting your body on something so soft and comforting to ease out the pain and tiring feeling you had.

Well, I guess after taking a warm bath, you are ready to rest. What makes resting more efficient as a remedy to your tired body, having something good to lay on.

Resting on a bed alone is painful same as laying on the floor. You should have a mattress on it. But then a mattress should also have good material and thickness to make you feel comfortable.


How thick is a standard mattress

How Thick A Standard Mattress Is

How thick is a standard mattress?

Referring to a place where you should get a good rest, you should have a suitable mattress thickness.

Some people do encounter a problem getting back pain when they lay on their bed.

The problem is not the bed; it may be the thickness of your mattress. The ideal thickness for it is about 8 – 14 inches. This measurement would mean something to the person resting on it.

A shallow profile mattress is just around 2 – 3 inches thick, which is not good for you.

Side sleepers who tend to need support from one side put all their weight on the other, which requires a thick mattress to support the pressure and the weight.

It is also the way a person sleeps, but then again when you have a good quality mattress, you have nothing to worry about.

A standard mattress would only have 1 – 2 mattresses, but good profile or high-quality ones could have at least three or more layers.


Essential Parts Of A Mattress

There are two parts to a good quality mattress. First is the base; the base plays a good role in it.

It is the foundation of the mattress, and it is the one that gets to support and stand as the ground of the whole mattress.

A good mattress should have the base at least half of the measurement of the mattress’s whole thickness.

A thicker base provides a more durable and robust base foundation. Remember that this will avoid a sagging mattress if ever so make sure to choose a mattress with a good base proportion.

The second part of the mattress is the top. It is usually called the comfort layer. It is expected to be around 2 – 3 inches only. Why?

Because as I have said, it is just your topcoat and the base is more important than it.

2 – 3 inches of comfort layer must be enough for something like cotton or a soft type of mattress. There are hybrid mattresses that contain a different material of the base and the top.

The top is usually softer and more comforting than the base.

The base is way complicated and challenging as it should be since it is a support and foundation for the whole thing.


Why Consider The Thickness Of A Mattress?

Well, for a sleepyhead like me and gets so tired of typing all day long, my shoulders and arms get tired real bad.

I would want to lay on something very soft and comfortable to ease out the pain and stress I have.

A thin mattress could not help, but it could get your pain feel worse.

Hitting the wood or steel when sleeping is the worst thing that could happen to me.

You should have at least 8 inches mattress to have a good rest and sleep.

It might be expensive but then come to think of how long it could last when it is more durable.

When choosing, consider the 3 – 4 inches thick for the topcoat and 5 – 6 inches thick for the base. This option would help you feel better on your hardest and tiring days.


How To Have A Good Sleep?

Sleeping well means a lot of comforts and feels have. Having a suitable thickness of the mattress is already one thing that could help you have a good sleep.

Another is to have a good quality pillow, something like a memory foam pillow.

The next is having a perfect temperature to sleep with. You can also light some scented candles to fill your room with a pleasing aroma of your choice.

Scented candles come in many varieties that allow you to choose which one smells best for your senses.


It’s A Wrap!

Your hard work deserves a good rest in return.

Having a good quality and thickness of the mattress is all that we need.

And now we have answered “how thick is a standard mattress?” and you should know what to look for when finding a good mattress.

Buy one for yourself; after all, you deserve it for all the efforts you exert and show up.

Reward yourself something that could last long.

how to make my bed softer

How To Make My Bed Softer? 5 Best Ways!

If your bed turns out to be more like a bench, then you probably have a question in mind “how to make my bed softer?”

Or maybe you purchased a bed that too firm, or switched your sleeping positions to the side.

Maybe it’s your partner who is requesting a softer bed.

Whatever reason you have in wanting your bed to be softer, there are a lot of ways that you can do to achieve it.

and the good news is that they are all simple to do.


Different Ways I Did To Make My Bed Softer

I don’t want to keep you waiting, below are things that I did in my bed to make it softer.

You can consider these tips and see if they will work the same for you.

Here are the ways on how to make my bed softer:


#1. Breaking in the new mattress

In case you recently bought a new bed and you think that it is too firm, maybe, it just needs some more time for it to break slightly.

This is comparable to your newly bought shoes that need to be worn first.

To break it in, you just have to sleep on it every night.

But if you want to make the process quicker, you can walk all around it literally for a few minutes.

If you have kids, you can ask them to play with you by allowing them to jump on the bed.

The majority of the companies selling mattresses indicate that it will take more or less than 60 days before a new mattress can break in.


#2. Flipping the bed

In case your mattress is flappable, then maybe it’s time for you to flip it and start using the other side this time.

Some companies manufacture mattresses with varying firmness levels for every side.

In such a case, the flip side of the bed may be softer than the current side that you are using.

It is also recommended that you rotate the mattress every once in a while.

Doing so will prevent it to sag or indent permanently.

Permanent indentations often cause the bed to be firmer because its comfort layers are compressed already.

But the frequent rotation of the mattress will prevent it from happening.

That is because the heavier parts of the body such as your shoulder or hips will be concentrated on different spots.

But also take note that impressions and sagging can also be an indicator that it is already time for you to change your mattress for a new one.


#3. Checking the trial period

In general, mattress manufacturers have a certain trial period for their products wherein you can try out the new bed at your house before deciding on a purchase.

Commonly the trial period extends up to 200 nights or more depending on which company you get it from.

So in case you recently purchase a new mattress, try checking if it still falls under the trial period.

If so, you may be eligible to return it and get a refund.

What’s even good about free trials is that the company itself will go to your house and pick the mattress. No hassle for you!


#4. Getting a mattress topper for a softer bed

Speaking of mattress toppers, a lot of options are available for you online.

You can try checking Amazon as they have cheaper offers even if you get a whole new bed.

You can choose from different kinds of mattress toppers.

Some are designed in such a way that it can provide added pressure relief while other are for body contouring.

I recommend you get a thick mattress topper that is made of memory foam. But you might as well get a wool mattress topper or a goose-down mattress topper.

If you ask why? Simply because they are the softest kinds of mattress toppers.

Some people would opt for a mattress pad. However, mattress toppers can offer plusher. Plus, they are thicker.


#5. Try warming it up for more comfort

Some materials used for mattresses such as airy polyurethane or memory foam tend to be a bit sensitive to temperature.

Making the room warm is very helpful in making the bed softer.

To do this, you can try to adjust the thermostat, used flannel sheets, or a heated blanket.

Doing this can also make your bed even more comfortable.


It’s A Wrap!

So those are the ways that I tried on how to make my bed softer.

But if all of them still seem not to work for you, the last option is to buy a softer mattress.

You have to know that the level of firmness of your mattress is essential for the health of your spinal.

A bed that is too firm, worn out, or sagging can cause your body to be stiff, or worse, you will have trouble sleeping and this may lead to some other issues.

With that being said, it would be best to get yourself a new bed in case all the tricks and tips provided for you did not help.

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