How Tall Should A Sofa Table Be? 3 Best Rules

If you want to know how tall should a sofa table be, identify what type it is. In this article, we will teach you some rules for different sofa tables. They include the console table, coffee table, and side table. While we all have the freedom to decorate and arrange our furniture pieces, following these tried and tested rules will ensure functionality and a visually appealing finish.

It would also be helpful to know how long a sofa is, so you’ll pick a sofa table shorter than it. Not to spoil this decorating guide, you should never forget to choose a smaller table than the sofa. That being said, let’s discuss how this rule applies to sofa tables in more detail.

How Tall Should A Sofa Table Be


How Tall Should A Sofa Table Be: Living Room Rules To Follow For 3 Types Of Sofa Tables 


Coffee table

A coffee table is what one would typically imagine when thinking of a sofa table. You’ll place it in front of the sofa to help bring the living room together. The ideal height for a coffee table should be four inches shorter or higher than the height of the sofa’s seating area

By keeping the sofa table at this level, the guests on the couch can easily reach items on it.  The people sitting on the sofa can still have good clearance and view even if the sofa table is full. Furthermore, using a coffee table more extensive than the sofa defeats the former’s purpose of making the room look cohesive.


Console table

Those who have a console table should have it the same height or a tad shorter than the back of the sofa. Having this table taller or more prominent than the couch itself is not fitting because you’ll place it behind the couch. This position for a more elevated sofa table will look strange, and having a bulky item in such a space will only be out of place, regardless of the room’s style. 

But first, please identify what a console table is. A console table is a narrow table that you’ll usually have in the hallways or against the wall. Designers often have the console table behind the couch at a lower height, and you can use it as a desk or even as a bar. 


Side table

Another common type of sofa table is the side table. From the name itself, you’ll place it at the side of the sofa to help hold items within arms reach or for added aesthetics in an empty-looking living room. Therefore, remember to have the side table two to three inches from the top of the sofa arm

This height for the side sofa table will help best with its intended function, and the person using the sofa won’t need to reach awkwardly to get or put items on the table. You don’t want the table too deep or too big compared to the sofa itself. Additionally, having an oversized side table in any room will look disorderly. 


Should the end table be higher than the couch?

A smaller variation of the side table is the end table. You usually have it next to the sofa or other furniture pieces, instead of the side table that can be standalone at the side of the room. Therefore, it should not be taller than the sofa arms, but rather, at an equal level with the arm’s height or more elevated than the height of the sofa cushions. 


What Size Should a Sofa Table Be?

The ideal size for a sofa table depends on the size of the couch you have. When picking large furniture pieces, you have to know their dimensions relative to the room. Start by measuring the sofa for your room and then use the numbers when selecting a sofa table size. 

The sofa table should never be longer than the edges of the sofa, and it should be at least level or a bit shorter than the top of the couch cushions. Consider where you’ll also place the sofa table to know if it will be comfortable to get the items on it. And as discussed earlier, those who’ll have the sofa table at the front should not become obtrusive when bearing items. 


What Size Console Table For Wall?

The average size of a console table or the sofa table behind the couch is 24 inches long and 26 inches tall, with a depth of around 12 inches. However, having it against the wall is not your only consideration when selecting the table’s size. Some tables can be up to 48 inches long, 36 inches tall, and 15 inches deep. 

Think about the size of the room, the other items that will affect the table’s mentioned, the expected function of the console table, and if its style demands a particular space. 



Picking a sofa table is not as hard as it seems. In this guide, we have taught you how tall should a sofa table be and the three rules regarding different table types. Since couch tables should generally be shorter and smaller than the couch, it would be best if you’ll also know how to measure a sofa

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