How Pressure Washers Can Soft Wash? 3 Best Tips!

Are you wondering about how pressure washers can soft wash? Well, by altering the PSI (pounds per square inch) through the pressure washer, you can do soft washing with a pressure washer or by using a  different tip on your sprayer. It’s not dissimilar to standard pressure washing.

The more you learn about the best methods to use your pressure washer, the more you’ll come across the notion of soft cleaning, but there’s not much information about what it implies.

how pressure washers can soft wash

Is there a difference between this and power washing? And, above all, how do you go about doing it? In this post, we’ll address all of these questions and more. So, if you’re interested in this article and want to learn more, continue reading it. Below we have discussed in detail soft washing using a pressure washer. Let’s have a close look at it!


Difference Between Soft Washing And Pressure Washing

A significant distinction between a soft wash and a pressure wash, as you might have guessed from their names, is that one utilizes high pressure while someone uses pressure drop. Pressure washing, often known as power washing, involves high-pressure water with a PSI range of 1300 to 3100. Soft washing, on the other hand, consumes far less energy and functions similarly to a powerful hose.

Another distinction between gentle and pressure washing is the water that flows out of the hose. Soft washing systems employ a combination of bleach, water, and soap to guarantee that your exterior remains clean for the long haul. Whereas a power washing depends only on high-pressure water to wash. 


How To Calculate The PSI For Soft Washing?

The widely discussed topic in the pressure washing community is the PSI for gentle cleaning! Some argue that less than 100 PSI is still mild washing, while others argue less than 1,000 PSI. When professional pressure washers approach millions of PSI, it’s easy to see why some people think 1,000 PSI gentle cleaning is a good idea. Although you must rarely place your finger in the front of the pressure washer’s wand since it can risk significant harm, some claim that the PSI for gentle cleaning won’t injure your hand.

However, you should not attempt it. We prefer to find a happy medium. Soft washing is defined as having a PSI of 500 or below. Always keep in mind that the term is open to interpretation. You may also be interested to know about what psi pressure washer to clean concrete.


Tips For Soft Pressure Washing With Pressure Washer

If you’re going to soft wash with your pressure washer, end up saving yourself some time and effort by following these tips and methods! Here are some of the things you should remember on how pressure washers can soft wash:


#1. Don’t adjust the unloader

Many folks will incorrectly recommend that you modify the pressure of your pressure washer by adjusting the unloader. Unless the manufacturer recommends it, this is lousy advice. The unloader’s principal function is to return the water flow to the pump, preventing it from accumulating. It serves an important safety function in the power washer, and you also don’t desire to fool with it and end up destroying it or, worse, injuring yourself or others.


#2. Follow directions and use a good detergent

As all we know, soft wash does not rely on pressured water to remove grime and filth, and you should use a decent detergent designed for the job at hand. Follow the detergent’s instructions, typically including a time limit for allowing the soap to rest on the surface. Allow the detergent to accomplish part of the work that your high-pressure water would ordinarily do. I guess it’s helpful to read about how to use detergent with pressure washer.


#3. Don’t use soft wash detergents in a pressure washer

Detergents designed with soft wash pumps may not be suitable for use with your pressure washer. They frequently include strong chemicals such as bleach, which might harm your pressure washer’s engine if run through it. It would be less harmful if you had a downstream injector, but it is still possible. You may use a sprayer or a long-handled scrubbing brush to apply these detergents individually, then rinse with moderate pressure. Alternatively, you may simply use a regular detergent for a pressure washer. 


Is Soft Wash Pump Necessary?

If you’re a skilled power washer, a soft wash pump could save you time by allowing you to utilize mild solid wash detergents. You do not want any bit of kit to keep if you’re a typical household with standard soft-washing demands. The work may be done using a pressure washer. Soft washing is entirely different as compared to power washing. As discussed above,  soft washing is a low-pressure washing technique that eliminates organic and algae, mildew, and stains from the exterior structures by utilizing a combination of water, surfactants, bleach, and algaecides. It may also be a good idea to read about how to change pressure washer pump oil.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope you all will understand how pressure washers can soft wash from this article. Above, we have discussed the difference between pressure washing and soft washing and the methods for soft washing the concrete areas using a pressure washer. Also, we have written some tips while pressure washing the surfaces. Read all the articles carefully to understand well. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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