How Old Is Too Old For A Car Seat? A Pro Guide

How old is too old for a car seat?

Some people say that a child should stay in a car seat until they are age eight. Others say the limit is closer to four years old while some other parents feel so safe with their children being buckled into a harnessed safety device, that they keep them in one up until age 12!

How old is too old for a car seat

No matter what your opinion on this issue may be, there are no laws which state how long you can use an infant or toddler car seat.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards only covers guidelines and recommendations based upon the height and weight of individual babies and young children.

That means it’s completely within a parent’s discretion whether he/she decides to keep his/her little bundle of joy sitting rear-facing past two years old, but because seats have expiration dates, this leads us to the next issue with car seating.


Are convertible car seats safer than infant car seats?

Convertible car seats are better for older babies. Baby’s legs can hang off the sides of the infant car seat, whereas convertible car seats have a bigger base so baby’s legs fit properly in them during accidents.

Convertible car seats also offer more height room than an infant one, which is important when your child grows over time and gets taller or if you need to help push up their head while driving on longer trips. However, they are not as safe because infants will always be safer!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends rear-facing until at least age two, yet most convertible models go from five pounds all the way to 40 pounds forward-facing. This means that parents would either buy two types of car seats or choose a convertible seat that is unsafe for their infant.


What is the difference between a convertible car seat and an all in one?

Convertible car seats can be used rear-facing and forward-facing. This is great for families with an older child who still needs a harnessed seat or kids that outgrow their infant carrier before they’re ready to use it as a belt-positioning booster.

All in one car seats are generally made differently than convertible models, but the concept of them remains the same: Lots of flexibility at different stages! Some all in ones even offer removable inserts so you can grow with your baby instead of replacing (and recycling) your old seat when its time comes.

It makes sense why parents might prefer this option — if we buy something once we don’t have to worry about finding another piece later down the — but over time, we’ve found that the convenience of convertible seats makes them a great choice for families with small children.


Is it better to get a convertible car seat?

Yes, it is better to get a convertible car seat. It will carry most kids up to 80 pounds or so and can be adjusted as they grow. They are easy to install in the rear-facing position too, which many doctors recommend for safety reasons.

Just make sure you have an adjustable headrest with extra padding if your child’s neck isn’t strong enough yet for extended periods of time facing backwards; otherwise, their heads may flop around dangerously while sleeping after about 25 lbs (11kg).

Also, remember that when turning this type of car seat forward-facing at least 30 inches (76cm) should separate the top edge of the shell from the vehicle’s backseat – preferably 38″ (97 cm), but that’s not always possible.

– Remember that these types of car seats are usually better for smaller kids, especially if you have little ones around the age of two who still fit rear-facing but need a forward-facing seat to keep them safe in case of an accident.

– If your child is over 45 lbs (20 kg) or so and they’re younger than six years old then it might be time to transition into a booster seat instead. These allow older children to use adult safety belts correctly without any additional help from their own car seats anymore.

Just make sure that yours has back support though because otherwise, all the pressure will fall on their chest too much which can lead to breathing problems later on down the road.

– Look at this guide to get a better idea of your child’s weight and height so you can determine the best type of car seat for their age.


What is the safest convertible car seat on the market?

The safest convertible car seat on the market is Diono Radian RTX. It will hold a child, weighing up to 80 pounds and measuring over 57 inches in height.

This model can easily transition from rear-facing newborn mode all the way through the front-facing toddler position, which is great for older children who are too big for their infant seats but still need protection while riding around town with mom or dad.

Parents love this product because it works so well at protecting larger growing kids without sacrificing safety features that they find crucial during transitional stages of development.

When compared against other popular convertible models available today, this new 2019 edition has some extremely competitive specs – including ultra-slim design capabilities! The anti-re-thread harness adjusts as your baby grows taller, with effortless adjustments while the car is in motion.

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