How Old Is My Air Conditioner? 3 Awesome Ways and More!

Have you ever realized that you grew up with your air conditioner and pondered, “how old is my air conditioner?” There are three ways to determine the age of your air conditioner: checking the nameplate, date of manufacture, and date of installation.

You could never tell what lies behind the cover of an air conditioner. Some air conditioners have a great appearance on the surface but are old. At the same time, some conditioners become faulty but are still only a year old.

The truth is everything depends on how the owners take care of their air conditioner. But, how will you know how to take complete care of it when you do not even know how to distinguish its age? Your air conditioner has helped you through the years to get by hot summer days. Would it be fair if you also take care of it by first knowing its age?

Today, we will explore the different ways for you to distinguish how old your air conditioner is. At the same time, we will also ponder whether you should replace or repair your air conditioner. Do not fret because doing all these things is not that complicated. This article will be your guide along the process. Let us start learning how to take care of your air conditioner!


Why Is There A Need To Distinguish The Age Of An Air Conditioner?

Imagine it is a typical summer day. Your room is blazing with heat. You want to utilize your air conditioner only to discover that it is faulty. Indeed, being in this kind of situation is the worst thing ever.

Thus, to prevent this, one should know the condition of the AC. By knowing the age of their air conditioner, the owners will get a glimpse of their air conditioner’s efficiency and avoid inconvenience caused by a faulty AC.


How To Distinguish The Age Of My Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners have become an essential part of our lives as they have helped us relax and cool despite the summer heat for how many years. Knowing how your life became lighter when your air conditioner arrived, you may be asking yourself one of the peculiar questions to ask. “how old is my air conditioner?” Well, there are several ways to distinguish how old your air conditioner is.


Tip #1. Check the nameplate of your air conditioner

The most common way to determine the age of an air conditioner is to check on the condenser. If you are not sure which part is the condenser, look for a square or sometimes rectangular box. It is enormous and most likely situated on one of the sides of one’s home; thus, you will not have any difficulty locating it.

Usually, you can locate the nameplate at the back of the condenser. Use a camera or your phone to capture a photo of the nameplate. You can find the date of manufacture there.

However, if you cannot locate it, list the serial number, the brand, and the air conditioner model. Then, when you have completed tallying all the information needed, you can search these on the web or inquire to professional ac personnel.


Tip #2. Check the date of manufacture

Suppose you are unable to know the age of your air conditioner because you do not understand what the information in the condenser means. In that case, there are several websites to help you.

For example, some websites will help you distinguish how old your air conditioner is once you locate the date of manufacture of your ac on the website. Suppose you cannot locate the date of manufacture of your air conditioner on the website; you can try surfing the internet to decipher your air conditioner.


Tip #3. Check the date of installation

Another way is to locate the date of installation. Usually, you can see the date of installation near the date of manufacture.


How To Know If The Air Conditioner Should Be Replaced or Repaired?

After distinguishing the age of your air conditioner, you may be wondering if you should replace or repair your air conditioner. Since the life span of an air conditioner typically ranges from ten to fifteen years, there are several factors for you to weigh when your air conditioner is this old.

First, you must weigh the total cost it takes for your AC to function through the recent summers. Second, you must consider the total cost of repairs you have paid for your AC. Lastly, it would help if you weighed the efficiency of your AC. If you realize that you have spent more than you have bargained in repairing your AC, then you should replace it.


Wrapping Up!

One way to know the efficiency of your air conditioner is to distinguish its age. Thus, if you ask yourself, “how old is my air conditioner?” this is the perfect guide for you. By answering the question, you will be able to get a glimpse of its efficiency and decide whether you will replace or repair it. You will also be able to learn more about your air conditioner. For more interesting articles, click here! See you in the following article.

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