How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress

If you’re curious about how often should you rotate your mattress, you can do it once a year or every three months. Make rotation and flipping a part of your mattress maintenance to help maintain its supportive structure. In some materials like memory foam, this practice will even help make your bed firmer.

This article will discuss everything you need to know when rotating your mattress. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down below and get started with beneficial mattress habits!

How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress


How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress Safely?

Before anything else, you have to remember that the maintenance practices for every bed will vary. It’s always best to check your labels for instructions and recommendations from the manufacturer to accidentally avoid damaging or deforming your mattress. Not to mention, some mattress materials will not benefit from these practices, to begin with. 

If your bed allows it, you can expect that it’s possible to rotate it as often as every three months or as few as once a year. The frequency varies on the mattress and how you use it. If the material is prone to denting early on, you can rotate it regularly to distribute the wear and tear. 

This way, you can maintain the bed’s structure and integrity, which is crucial for comfort and proper sleeping posture. A mattress that sags or dents will not provide a level surface, and your body may sink and misalign the spine. However, please familiarize yourself with the type of mattresses that you can rotate or flip.


What mattresses can you rotate?

Rotating the mattress where you’ll use the foot side as the head side is typically less risky than flipping the mattress. You can even rotate some beds that you can’t flip as long as there are no manufacturer prohibitions. But what type of mattress can you flip?

You can flip a mattress if it is double-sided, meaning you can sleep on both sides without the risk of deforming the bed. If a mattress is one-sided, it has a designated comfort side for sleeping and the other side as the base. Therefore, you can’t use the other side since it won’t be comfortable, and you risk damaging the soft side when it becomes the bottom part.

Some products even have designated sides for every season. You can use one side during the warm months and one side for the chilly months. Overall, always check the tag and labels to avoid issues on your mattress. 


Does Flipping A Mattress Help?

Flipping a mattress will help the same way rotation does. As long as you can use both sides as a base or for sleeping, this practice offers several advantages. For one, you can maintain the supportive structure of your bed and not have it soften quickly. 

You’ll also less likely encounter dents and sagging because both sides are used. One side gets to recover and restore its form for the next use. Flipping and rotating should help extend the lifespan of your mattress and keep you from developing body pain


How Many Times A Year Should Your Flip Your Mattress?

Like rotating, you can flip your mattress once a year or every three months, depending on the material, use, and brand recommendations. You can schedule when to flip or rotate your mattress, so the wear and tear are well-distributed. Keep in mind that how you use your bed can also affect the frequency of these maintenance practices. 


What Happens If You Don’t Rotate Your Mattress?

If you don’t rotate your mattress, you run the risk of developing dents on the bed. One area will only be subjected to use, so you’ll eventually need to replace your mattress to ensure that you’ll have a leveled body when lying on it. A general guide to remember is to rotate older innerspring mattresses twice a year or more often, while foam mattresses and newer innerspring beds benefit from rotation at least once a year.

However, nothing will happen if you don’t rotate some mattresses, especially those with zoned designs. These beds target specific areas, so they must only stay in a particular orientation and never rotated to 180 degrees. Not turning these beds should not affect their lifespan. 


How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?

Do note that rotation and flipping shouldn’t be your solution to the issues of your bed forever. Make it a habit to replace your mattress after a minimum of six years to ensure that it will be supportive, comfortable, and hygienic. While every bed lifespan will vary, they’re all similar in needing a change after several years. 

To extend the service of your mattress, be sure to use protectors and covers. They can keep spills and dirt at bay while also shielding your bed from daily wear and tear. You can also use a mattress topper until you can replace your mattress.



If you want to help extend your bed’s lifespan, rotation and flipping should be parts of your maintenance. But how often should you rotate your mattress to avoid issues? The safest frequency is between every three months or once a year. 

However, you still need to check the product you’re using as some mattresses have specialized zones. You can’t rotate and change the orientation of these beds because they target specific areas. The same goes for flipping one-sided mattresses where only one side can be used for sleeping.