How Often Should You Go To The Tanning Bed? 3 Best Factors!

If you like to obtain that tanned look, you might also ask how often should you go to the tanning bed?

It might not be practical for some people to go to the beach and sunbathe at the shore to achieve a golden tan.

how often should you go to the tanning bed

The good thing is that there is a tanning bed which can help you get what you desire.

However, it might not be safe if you tan indoors excessively.

Make sure that you only use the tanning bed under a specified time, or else, you will be exposed to risks as well as having a bad tan.


How Many Time Should You Tan In A Week?

You can get a tan in a tanning bed in just a few minutes.

But to get the color you desire, it will take several sessions.

If you spend longer time in one tanning session, the results will just be the same as the regular sunburn.

It will come with peeling, soreness, and redness of the skin.

Commonly, people start with just about five minutes for every session to get the base tan.

After the base tan is ready, you may go for a longer session after a few days.

But remember that after a session, you should wait for 2 days before going to the next.

This is done to ensure that the production of melanin will develop healthily while at the same time preventing skin conditions.

You can go for a tan about 3 up to 4 times a week with a maximum of 30-minute duration every session.

Once you obtained the complexion that you like, visit the salon once or twice a week.

Do not go for longer sessions rather go for shorter sessions.

This will help in maintaining the tan with a lower risk of burns or any other adverse effects.


3 Factors To Consider Regarding How Often You Go To The Tanning Bed

So, how often should you go to the tanning bed?

It is important that that you go to a tanning salon whose assistants are reliable and ask them about the equipment that they will use.

You also need to inquire about the lamps and ask for new lamps to get the best tan.

Also, ask the assistant about the following questions:


Factor #1. Sessions required for the skin

Different tanning will be recommended by the assistant, depending on the type of your skin.

It will also be dependent on its vulnerability to heat coming from pressure, radiation, and solar power.

In general, they are preparing a skin test before tanning. For those with fair skin, four up to six sessions every week can help achieve the tan.

Conversely, only two to four tanning sessions can help those with medium skin types achieve the bronze glow.

But after all, it depends on the patient if she would want to proceed for another tanning session or not – perhaps, she is already contented and satisfied.


Factor #2. Tanning Intervals

Most experts would recommend that there should be a 36- up to 48-hour interval in between every tanning session.

It is only empirical that the tan will fade especially when you have a pale or fairer complexion.

That is because your skin will eventually regenerate, thereby destroying melanin production.

As a result, your skin will go back into its original complexion.

But You can avoid such a phenomenon if the patient uses the tanning bed once up to twice a week.

She will also be able to maintain the bronze glow of the skin while at the same time preventing the harsh effects from occurring to the skin.

If the patient opts to discontinue the tanning session, she will prolong the tan by applying moisturizers and sunblocks.


Factor #3. Number of Hours Every Session

The assistant will often advise the patient to take up in the tanning bed for about 15 up to 25 minutes every session.

After that, they will tell you to allow your skin to rest by relaxing for a bit and then take a cooling shower.

After that, you can try getting another tanning session of the same duration as earlier.

But you can stay in a tanning bed longer, depending on the results of your skin test and your complexion color.


It’s A Wrap!

Regarding how often should you go to the tanning bed, well, it depends on your skin.

The most important factors considered here are the type and tolerance of the skin.

Remember that you will experience redness and burned if you try to tan too much.

For instance, you should avoid going to the tanning bed twice a day as it may pose risks of black spots and degree burns.

As prescribed by the law, tanning the skin should be done once a day only.

More so, there must be intervals in between every session.

Do not rush on getting the right tan immediately and follow the recommendations of the tanning salon experts.

You cannot achieve the right tan in one long session, but several shorter sessions must maintain it.

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