How Often Should You Defrost A Mini Fridge? 5 Easy Steps!

The question is: how often should you defrost a mini fridge? Every time you open the fridge door, a bit of warm air from the outside will enter the mini-fridge. Initially, this is not an issue, but when the warm and cold air meets inside your fridge, it will turn into water or even condenses into a frost.

If that happens, the efficiency of your fridge will be reduced. It will even reduce the space available inside the freezer. In such a case, you will need to defrost it.

how often should you defrost a mini fridge

Various mini-fridged models are designed to defrost automatically; if yours is integrated with this technology, then good.

But, otherwise, it is essential to get rid of the frost to create space and allow your freezer to run efficiently. In this post, you will get to know more about defrosting and how to do it.


Understanding Defrosting

When we say defrosting, it is the process of removing the frost that has accumulated in a freezer. If the frost in the freezer of a mini-fridge is too much already, its efficiency will decrease. The same is true with the available space inside the freezer.

Perhaps, you are planning for a trip or vacation in which you would have to turn off the mini-fridge for a long period; it is ideal for defrosting the fridge first. Or else, there will be water all over the room when you return. For that reason, defrosting is important.

Before we get into the steps on defrosting a fridge, let us first address the main question for this article: how often should you defrost a mini fridge? Well, the answer is quite simple.

There is no fixed time for you to do this. You can defrost the fridge every time you feel that your freezer does not work as normal or if you think the frost takes too much space in the freezer.

But it is highly recommended to defrost your mini-fridge or any other kind of refrigerator before you leave for a long trip or if it’s going to remain shut off for a long period.

According to some tests, frost can accumulate enough in two months if you open your fridge about 12-13 times per day. So with that being said, it is ideal for defrosting it every two or three months.


Steps To Defrost A Mini Fridge

A mini-fridge is common among recreational rooms or college dorms. It is great since it offers flexibility, convenience, and overall functionality with sufficient space.

Maintaining this tiny appliance includes cleaning its shelves and compartments as well as getting rid of any expired food items immediately. Doing so will prevent the growth of bacteria and foul odors.

Routine maintenance of a mini-fridge must include defrosting, and this task can be done easily given its size. Plus, you will only need a few things, including rags, non-abrasive cleaning materials, and towels.


Step #1. Removing all items

First and foremost, you need to take away all the items in your fridge. This also entails discarding any food items with unpleasant smells or those that have passed the expiry date already.


Step #2. Unplug your mini-fridge

After you unplug the cord from the socket, you need to move your small appliance to the area with floors that dripping water cannot damage. Also, place a towel at the bottom of the fridge interior so that it will absorb water.


Step #3. Defrost

Leave its doors open as you allow it to defrost overnight. Then, it would help if you wiped the moisture from all of its surfaces when the morning comes. Also, remove odors and stains from the fridge by using soapy and warm water. After you are done cleaning, allow it to dry completely.


Step #4. Plugging in the unit again

Once you return, you can plug in your mini-fridge again. Then, you can restock all the snacks and drinks into it again. Finally, set the desired temperature.


Tips To Remember

  • Dust can quickly accumulate, so ensuring that the compressor is dust-free can extend its life and of the fridge as a whole. Also, ensure to leave a gap from all sides between the mini-fridge and the wall to be easy to clean.
  • Once you are done defrosting your fridge, ensure that its interior is arid before putting back your food items to prevent molds from growing. Furthermore, the compressor shouldn’t be exposed to the buildup of dust. More so, it would help if you kept your mini-fridge upright all the time.
  • You can put baking soda with its box open inside the mini-fridge so that it will absorb odors.
  • In case the mini-fridge comes with automatic defrost technology, you need not unplug your appliance. Instead, you can refer to the manual that comes with your unit to find out more details.


It’s A Wrap!

Going back to the question: how often should you defrost a mini fridge? Generally, you need to do this about every two or three months. This should be done a day before you leave for a long trip or vacation.

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