How Often Should You Clean Dryer Vent? 3 Best Tips!

How often should you clean dryer vent? It’s enough to have a yearly cleaning when drying 4 or 5 loads of laundry every week.

But for a huge family that you dry 4 or 5 loads in a day, it’s good to clean the dryer vent once after six months. Be extra cautious in this regard, like do it once after three months.

How often should you clean dryer vent

Moreover, check for some issues that can go with the dryer. Check for some possible problems or clogs of vents between the cleanings. Always include cleaning the dryer vent since the springtime is fast approaching already. Remember that a clogged dryer vent requires you to spend more money with the repeating dry cycle. Plus, it’s a number one reason why house fires exist. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Reasons To Clean Dryer Vent

Lint fibers tend to clog the dryer vent interior. That’s when airflow also becomes constricted. Symptoms also likely occur as the clothes do not dry thoroughly. The right thing to do is to dry your clothes, eliminate dirt in the lint trap, as this is an easy and quick step that will act as the first defense from insufficient drying. Running clothes more than a single dry cycle, may only bring in lint build-up in the dryer vent. It’s also annoying to wait twice longer to finish drying clothes. It will also cost you 2 or 3 dry cycles and more money! It’s not right to pay expensive utility bills to get those clothes clean.


Right Time to Clean the Dryer Vent

To follow how often should you clean dryer vent, you also have to clean the lint trap when operating the dryer. Add the task of thorough cleaning if you forget it. Include this in the cleaning schedule on a bi-yearly. Prioritize dryer vent cleaning as part of the seasonal cleaning. Fall and spring cleaning schedules are an excellent time for performing complete cleaning as this includes the dryer vent and the duck at the backmost part of the unit. Regular cleaning of the dryer vent keeps the dryer at its optimum performance. Plus, it lets the dryer operate safely.


Basic Instructions To Clean Dryer Vent

Below are some of the basic instructions to clean the dryer vent. But keep in mind to clean the dryer vent after six months.


#1. Cleaning the lint trap

Firstly, take the lint trap screen away. Next, scrape out the lint fibers’ layers. Remove the rest of the lint particles using a vacuum hose attachment. These particles often get stuck inside the mesh lining. Use a vacuum and dryer brush when you scrub its mesh.


#2. Cleaning the dryer lint trap form of vent

Take the lint trap away. Utilize a dryer brush with a long handle that sweeps the trap vent interior. After that, vacuum the vent exterior.


#3. Cleaning the duct of the dryer vent

Drag the dryer away, beginning in the wall. Get the power supply disconnected. Carry this out before you service an appliance. Get the vast & flexible duct disconnected from the backside of the dryer. Vacuum this section and the things you see from its duct. Push for some gentle action of spinning, cleaning the vent duct interior. Then, vacuum it again and get the duct reconnected.


Signs That It Is Time To Clean Dryer Vent

A homeowner can conduct a regular dryer vent cleaning. However, the vent can sometimes face unexpected issues like clogging or excessive build-up. If signs like these occur, it’s finally time to do an emergency cleaning.


#1. Hot dryer

If the dryer is hot when you touch it, it may be a blocked vent. It’s now time to clean the dryer vent.


#2. Excess in heat or humidity in the room

If your dryer does not vent properly, it means air does not push appropriately out of the home. It’s instead leaking right out inside. I guess it’s helpful to read about how do I fix my LG dryer that won’t heat.


#3. Musty odor

A musty odor results from a lack of air circulation as the damp and hot air remains inside the machine and the hose. Know why does my dryer smell and why does my dryer smell like gas.


#4. Clothes are not drying properly

If the clothes still come out wet after a usual drying cycle, it means to say, something interferes with its ability to vent air. Thus, it doesn’t operate normally. There are more signs to tell you if the dryer vent needs some cleaning. Nonetheless, some are the easiest and the most common to notice daily.


Harmful Effects Of Not Cleaning Dryer Vent Frequently

If you do not clean the dryer vent frequently, it might only increase its drying time. It might then increase your utility bills. The hot temperatures may pose for larger fires as brought by the vent that is plugged up due to the insufficient flow of air. And when there is a blockage in the dryer vent, the carbon monoxide will come out of your home. Vent cleaning done regularly saves you money and saves life, too. It may also be a good idea to read about how often to clean a dryer vent and how to clean dryer vent hose


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how often should you clean dryer vent as it is what’s required. Follow some of the basic instructions in doing the cleaning. If you notice signs that the dryer vent has to be cleaned right away, do so. Never underestimate how it can affect your daily chores if you leave it unnoticed!

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