How Often Should Pest Control Be Done For Roaches? Best Guide

Have you ever seen a cockroach flying around and wondered how often should pest control be done for roaches? Many of us sure have thought of it since they’re not particularly pleasing to see.

With rats, worms, and flies, roaches are some of the most repulsive beings to find inside someone’s home. Just imagining these things crawling around, feasting on food and beverages you’ve stored, some of us would get goosebumps, and others would even get frantic with fear.

how often should pest control be done for roaches

While these creatures are not that capable of harming you on their own, they are famous for spreading bacteria, viruses, and other substances that can bring diseases and put you in harm’s way.

The excessive proliferation of these beings in a particular area gave birth to the pest control business. While these occurrences usually point to a specific cause, the way to solve them usually consists of a single plan.


How Often Should You Call For Roach Pest Control?

Pests are pests before they come right when you don’t want to deal with anything tedious. The most annoying part with these things is they can return even after you seem to have exterminated them all.

We’ll discuss later what variables affect this recurrence, but for now, you should call for pest control services at least once every quarter (that’s once every three months). It’s also practical to order such services every two months, depending on their availability.

You might think that these services are a waste of money since the pests can come back, but they’re worth their price. Of course, there are pest controls who do poorly with their job, but for quality ones, it is normal to see roaches a week after you’ve had a visit.

These pests are also living things, so they keep in their memory where the resources are(food and shelter, in this case). So even if a lot of them get killed, they tend to return to where they can survive.

You must understand that effective pest control providers are putting up defenses and preventive measures in place despite their return. That would mean that the substances they apply to your home are highly capable of exterminating the roaches.

Here are some points that affect the frequency of the return of these pests:


Unattended Food

As we’ve mentioned, the first item that attracts not just roaches but also other pests is food. Recurrence of a pest after pest control is significantly worse if your home commonly has food packs that are left open, whether it’s in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

As we’ve also mentioned, once these roaches get accustomed to a place that always has resources for them, their kind will keep returning. Cockroaches are good at finding where the food gets stored, so hiding these packs alone may not suffice to keep them away.


Exposed garbage and wastes

Next to food and beverage, you may have noticed this already; trash containers are attractive to roaches. You may have experienced it already: the moment you open the cover to throw something, a number of these black pests come flying out.

The stench, food wastes, or other organic waste; roaches can pick these signals and visit your place. 


Stored boxes and containers

Besides resources for their meals, roaches and other pests also look for shelter to survive. Pests that are quite incapable of protecting themselves look for spots that are tight and covered enough to hide.

When you do extensive cleaning, you’ll probably see these creatures hiding beneath boxes and containers that haven’t been moved for a while.


Excess moisture on dark corners

This is also a common observation to many homeowners: where there’s moisture, there’s a possibility of a lurking roach. This is why you will also find these cockroaches under your sink and in your bathrooms.

If you have unnoticed leaky pipes and taps, that could also cause roaches to keep coming back. If your concern is for a trailer, here’s an article on what to do with a water damaged camper trailer.


Do roaches return after extermination?

Yes! While there are a couple of reasons behind their return, cockroaches can come back after proper extermination.

Note, though, that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the dead cockroaches come back to life by coming back. Pests die like other living things; it’s just that there’s a lot of them that could relocate from one place to yours.


How to prevent roaches in your home

The first thing you should do to remove the roaches in your home is to call for professional pest control. You can ask them to leave some safe traps for you to deal with the bugs until their next visit.

After their service and the traps that they’ve set up, it’s now your responsibility to keep your place well maintained. You must do the following if you don’t want them to return.

  1. Keep all food and beverage sealed and clean.
  2. Dispose of garbage daily and clean its container.
  3. Regularly tidy up your house.
  4. Clean storage boxes and containers.
  5. Maintain water connections regularly.

Check this article on how to repair water damaged wood in house posts if you happen to have some of them.



The figure on how often should pest control be done for roaches can only be averaged into the number we previously said. There may not be a need to get extermination services again if you follow our points for cleanliness as well.

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