How Much Yarn For Arm Knit Blanket? Estimating Tips

Those curious about how much yarn for arm knit blanket can expect to prepare anywhere from 43 to 306 yards. But where do these numbers come from? We will also discuss what other factors can affect the amount of yarn you’ll need to arm knit a blanket. 

It’s not enough that you memorize the standard amounts for every blanket size. Before we proceed, are you even familiar with what kind of yarn for arm knitting you must pick? Once you understand that first factor, proceed with the yardage guide below. 

How Much Yarn For Arm Knit Blanket


How Much Yarn Do I Need To Arm Knit A Blanket?

When identifying the amount of yarn for a knit blanket, you must consider the size, pattern, gauge, and type of yarn. But since you are arm knitting the blanket, you can assume that you’ll use a super bulky or size 6 yarn. With this in mind, you may need anywhere from 6 to 15 pounds of yarn, depending on the blanket size.

For example, arm knitting a 30 by 50-inch blanket will require 6 pounds of super bulky yarn. On the contrary, a larger 40 by 60-inch yarn will need two pounds more. As for other standard sizes, arm knitting a baby blanket will use 2.2 pounds of soft yarn while knitting something extra large can use as much as 15 pounds of the same yarn type.

How Many Yards Of Yarn Do You Need To Arm Knit A Blanket?

The yardage you need to arm knit a blanket will range from 43 to 306 yards, depending on the blanket size. For example, 43 yards of yarn is enough for a typical 30 by 30-inch baby blanket. But if you will arm knit something extra large, around 70 by 80 inches, you will need up to 306 yards of yarn. 

Keep in mind that your arm diameter and personal tension will affect the yardage you’ll need. Even if a medium blanket measuring 40 by 60 inches mentions that it will use 131 yards of yarn, you might need more or less than this amount. These yardage examples are also only suitable if you use super bulky yarn.

How Many Skeins Do You Need For An Arm Blanket?

The skeins you’ll need for arm knitting a blanket is dependent on your personal preference. But if you want a quick estimate, you can use up to 12 skeins of chunky yarn to arm knit a blanket measuring 3.5 by 5 feet. This is because a skein of chunky yarn can be around 16.5 yards.

Please remember that different yarn skeins and balls also vary in yarn lengths before you write this down. It’s more ideal to know your yardage more than the skein for better accuracy. You can also use as many or as few skeins as you like to achieve your desired blanket length and thickness. 


Is a skein of yarn the same as a ball of yarn?

A skein is not the same as a ball because it’s more oblong in shape. When you think of yarn, you’ll probably see a skein of yarn in your head. Please check your yarn label when purchasing to ensure that you’ll have enough for the arm knitted blanket you’re making. 

How Much Yarn Do I Need For A Chunky Arm Blanket?

There are different guides for arm knitting a chunky blanket, and they vary in the amount of yarn needed. To give you a quick idea, 8 pounds of yarn can provide you a 4 by 5-foot chunky blanket. Still, understand how the chunky yarn you’ll use is packed and measured. 

For example, some brands measure their product in pounds and the length of yarn available per volume. Additionally, chunky arm blankets can use different wool or mixed blend materials. You will need an additional amount of super bulky yarn than when you use something thicker like a jumbo yarn. 

What Size Yarn Do I Need For Arm Knitting?

You want to use a super bulky yarn for arm knitting to make the process easier. Therefore, select a size 6 yarn or anything oversized to achieve a chunky arm knit blanket. Do note that yarn weights are called differently in the US and UK, so please always check the guide before getting a yarn. 

What Is The Best Yarn For A Chunky Blanket?

Once you get the ideal size and yarn weight, there will be no issues when choosing the yarn for your arm knit blanket. Any bulky yarn with some texture will work best for a chunky finish. Some knitters also recommend acrylic and wool.

Finally, keep the finished blanket in mind when selecting a yarn. You want the blanket to be warm and soft but still durable and easy to wash. And as a bonus tip, get something slightly flexible to make arm knitting more comfortable. 



Arm knitting is a fantastic way to get started with making a knitted blanket. However, you must know how much yarn for arm knit blanket and the factors that can affect it. The main takeaway is that you might need anywhere from 6 to 8 pounds of yarn, depending on the size. 

As for the yardage, you can prepare 43 to 131 yards of yarn. This range is based on using a super bulky yarn, so you will need to adjust accordingly. Additionally, remember that your tension and arm circumference can affect the amount of yarn you’ll need.