How Much White Can You Wear To A Wedding

If you’re unsure about how much white can you wear to a wedding, remember two etiquette rules regarding wearing white to weddings as a guest. It’s acceptable to wear white to a wedding as long as you keep these rules in mind. 

We’ll also discuss the tact about wearing similar colors such as cream to a wedding.  And if you’re curious why white is a controversial color to wear to a wedding, you can read what is a white wedding

how much white can you wear to a wedding


Rules And Etiquette On How Much White Can You Wear To A Wedding


You can wear white if it’s not the only color in your outfit

It’s true that as much as possible, avoid white on the outfit you’ll wear to a wedding. However, it’s also okay to wear white to a wedding as long as it’s not the single color of your ensemble. 

For example, white can be the one color of the background of your outfit’s pattern. Perhaps you’re wearing a floral dress where the flowers are pastels, and only a tiny portion of the white background is seen. 

Another acceptable way to wear white to a wedding is wearing another color on your coverup, such as a solid dark-colored blazer with your white dress. A white blouse can also be partnered with another-colored pants or skirt, then accessorized with other colors inspired by the theme and color scheme of the wedding


Avoid having a bridal style with your wedding guest attire

The most crucial etiquette to remember if you want to wear white to a wedding is to ensure that your outfit does not look bridal. It shouldn’t have features that are often related to bridal wear.

For example, avoid wearing a white dress with lace, pearls, crystals, and embellishments similar to a wedding dress. In addition, be mindful of the skirt’s length and volume as it could look like a bridal A-line dress or ball gown. 

The best white attire you can wear without looking like the bride is a simple plain dress that is the cocktail length or over the knee. Then, avoid fabrics like chiffon and style the outfit to look more modern and edgy rather than sweet and romantic. 


What Is Too Much White To Wear To A Wedding?

You can wear white to a wedding as long as it’s not your only outfit color. How to wear white to a wedding?


Do not go monochromatic 

If it’s a white dress, partner it with a shawl, cardigan, jacket, or blazer in another color or print that follows the wedding theme and season. You should also avoid accessories like flowers, pearls, and diamonds with your white outfit as they are associated with bridal attire.

Avoid bridal-looking shoes such as silver pumps or glittery heels if you wear white. You can also wear tights with your white outfit to break off the white monochromatic scheme. 


Be mindful of bridal trends and styles

What about female guests wearing white suits, pants, or jumpsuits to a wedding? Be aware that bridal jumpsuits and suits are also popular nowadays, so accessorize your pants outfit and subtly style your hair and makeup to avoid garnering attention. 

And when in doubt, why not ask the bride herself if you’re close or opt for another neutral or light color instead of wearing white to a wedding. Some brides prefer other colors for a more sophisticated look with their attire so that guests can wear white to their wedding. 


Can You Wear White With A Pattern To A Wedding?

If you’re unsure if you should wear white to a wedding and you’re worried you’ll look too bridal, then opt for a patterned outfit instead. It’s acceptable and still respectful to wear white with a pattern, such as florals and geometrics, over a white background. 

White clothes with a pattern do not look bridal and are not too attention-catching for a wedding guest’s attire. And since you’ll already wear something with patterns and exciting colors, the white background neutralizes the design to make it more suitable for a wedding. 

But of course, please check your overall ensemble if it still looks formal yet lowkey. Female guests who’ll wear a floral dress can read these tips on how to accessorize a floral dress for a wedding


Is It Rude To Wear White To A Wedding As A Guest?

One of the wedding colors to avoid with what you’ll wear as a guest is white because it’s traditionally reserved for the bride. You don’t want to seem like you’re the one getting married or you risk standing out from the wedding since other guests are not wearing white. 

However, wearing white to a wedding is possible if it doesn’t cover your outfit’s entire color. If it’s a dress, you shouldn’t wear anything that resembles a wedding dress. 


Can You Wear Cream To A Wedding?

Cream, ivory, and other white-like colors are often no-nos for guests to wear at weddings. They can seem bridal, but they should be okay if the ensemble has different colors or it’s just the background to the patterns. 



Was this etiquette guide helpful? To recap how much white can you wear to a wedding, remember to wear other colors and avoid bridal details on your outfit. 

Why not opt for white with pattern clothing instead to feel more at ease? Or, to be sure, avoid white and related colors like cream that may make your outfit look like a wedding dress.

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