How Much Weight Does A Mattress Gain? Buyers Read This!

How much weight does a mattress gain? It is claimed that your bed will double its weight in 8-10 years of its service.

Indeed, over time, you may feel your mattress serves a different feeling than when you first purchased it.

How much weight does a mattress gain

It is very natural for things to wear as they are used daily. This one is also applied to your beds.

So, how much weight will a mattress gain?

Specifically, the weight increase is untrustworthy as many factors may contribute to its increment.

Besides, there is no current scientific proof proving the weight gain claim.

As a home buddy myself, I experienced this already to my pillows, sofas, and other furniture gaining weight over time.

I know you are very curious about this information, right? Without further talking, scroll down already and learn things below.


Why Does Your Mattress Get Heavier?

Your bed is your haven. You rest and sleep comfortably with your loved ones at its plush surface.

While you lie down on your mattress, there are colonies of tiny creatures called dust mites contributing to its weight gain.

These pests are thinner than your credit card, which can go through most of your sheets, living invisible from your sight.

They certainly feed on your dead skin cells, sweat, and secreted oil from your body while you are sleeping.

These wastes that you release while you sleep tend to pile up over time, contributing to your bed’s weight gain.

Pillows, on the other hand, also increases their weight over some time.

An article issued that one-tenth of the weight of a 2-year pillow is dead mites and their wastes.

In this matter, this is already obvious that your mattress, together with its beddings, gain weight.

Also, the same article mentioned that humans shed one-fifth ounce of dead skin a year. It goes directly to your mattress and pillows.

Indeed, these factors also pose health risks to the one who is sleeping. Allergies, colds, and bacterial infections may occur when dust mites dominate your bed.


How Much Weight Does Your Mattress Gain?

It is evident that individuals shed skin, sweat out, and secrete oil in their beds, increasing their overall weight.

Together with the alarming increase of dust mites, a mattress will undoubtedly get heavier.

How much weight does a mattress gain? It is usually claimed that beds double their weight over 8-10 years.

Indeed, this claim is not explainable as no scientific proofs are proving its authenticity.

This inquiry is considered, as of now, a myth. Manufacturers use this tactic for advertising their products.

It scares some people how heavy it will be their mattress when they use it too often and not replacing it already.

Besides, dust mites contribute a small fraction of weight increase in your bed, although it poses potential risks to one’s health.

However, it is essential to know that you should clean your mattress periodically to control these dust mites at bay, maintaining its weight increase.


How To Protect My Bed From Dust Mites?

Getting rid of dust mites might prolong your bed’s life and protect your health at the same time.

With this, I have some tips you can do to protect your bed from dust mites.


Tip #1. Using mattress bags

This tip is the obvious choice that you can make to protect your bed from danger.

Encase your mattress and beddings with dust-proof or hypoallergenic bags.

With this, you will certainly protect your bed from emerging dust mites.


Tip #2. Watch out for humidity

Dust mites enjoy a humid environment in your room. It is excellent to set your AC unit down or might use a dehumidifier to decrease the humidity.


Tip #3. Cleaning

Cleanliness is the shield for all diseases known to man. Indeed, it would help if you cleaned your pillowcases and blankets in hot water once a week.

Also, wash your carpets and sofa covers in your room. You can dust up your beds and other furniture by vacuuming all surfaces.

I also recommend you steam or heat-treat your furniture, especially your mattress, which indeed kills dust mites.


Tip #4. Go for anti-dust mite furniture

There are also furniture options for you in getting away with these scary mites.

Memory foam mattresses and latex beds are perfect in this case. The material itself is too dense for dust mites to flourish.

Waterbeds and air beds might greatly help you together with memory foam pillows.

Make sure to avoid all fluffy beddings and pillows, as these can be 5-star hotels for enemy dust mites.


Finishing Things Up!

Great! You already learned that mattresses indeed increase their weight over time.

However, it is a myth that beds double their heaviness for 8-10 years.

Most importantly, the reason behind this weight increment is dust mites themselves which feed off on your sweat, dead skin, etc.

Also, they pose several health risks for sleepers like us.

Luckily, I shared with you some tips that you can do to keep these enemies away.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article! Please share this with anyone you know that might ask how much weight does a mattress gain.