How Much To Tip Wedding Venue Coordinator

If you don’t know how much to tip wedding venue coordinator, consider a gratuity fee of at least $20. We will also discuss the tipping etiquette for other wedding vendors and not just the wedding venue coordinator.

Remember that these wedding vendors each played a significant role in making your wedding go smoothly, so it’s reasonable to tip them. And if you’re curious about how to become a wedding coordinator, we wrote a separate guide on what to expect in this profession. 

how much to tip wedding venue coordinator


How Much Do You Tip A Wedding Venue Coordinator?

A wedding venue coordinator is a staff of your venue that will work with you to arrange the venue according to your liking. Depending on the type of venue you booked and the package you selected, the venue might also task their venue coordinator to work with the vendors such as decorators and caterers. 

Because of these multiple responsibilities, it is only fitting to tip the wedding venue coordinator, especially if they provide a satisfactory service. Typically, you can give them at least $20, but you can be generous and go over that; some couples even provide a gratuity fee of $100 to their wedding venue coordinator. 

You can also check the final invoice from the wedding venue as some may include the tip for their staff. This is also applicable if you don’t know how much to pay a bartender for a wedding where the tip might already be included in their invoice. 


Wedding gratuity for wedding coordinators

The wedding tipping etiquette for wedding coordinators depends on different variables. For example, you might’ve also hired a wedding coordinator that’s not under the venue, or you chose to have a more involved wedding planner.


  • How much to tip a wedding coordinator?

Not all wedding venues have their venue coordinator. You can also hire a separate wedding coordinator that will execute all the plans and responsibilities during the wedding day.

You can tip this vendor around 15% of their free. Some couples also give the wedding coordinator a gift instead.  


  • How much to tip wedding planner?

A wedding planner will have a higher tip than a wedding coordinator because this vendor is more involved in the wedding. They will help you execute the vision you have for your wedding, including booking vendors and not just communicating with them like the coordinator’s role. 

That being said, it’s proper to give the wedding planner anywhere from $100 to $500 as their tip, especially if they’ve helped you with your wedding from the beginning. Of course, the size of the wedding and how long you’ve worked with the wedding planner can also determine the gratuity fee to give.

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Do You Tip Wedding Day Of Coordinator?

It’s not easy to work on wedding venues, which is why most couples hire a day-of wedding coordinator. You will also tip this wedding vendor as common decency since they’ve overseen the vendors, managed the wedding timeline, and possibly helped with any challenges that occurred on your wedding. 

Consider giving them 10% of their fee to show your appreciation for their duties. Although it’s not mandatory, it’s always tasteful to tip everyone who helped with the wedding day festivities. 


How Much Should You Tip Wedding Vendors?

You must tip wedding vendors to show your appreciation, especially if they’ve done more than what’s expected from their roles. 


Wedding officiant

Religious wedding officiants don’t usually have a set fee, but it’s customary to donate at least $100 to the place of worship. As for other officiants, you can tip them at $50 or higher. 


Wedding delivery staff

The people that delivered and set up the wedding elements such as the decors, flowers, cake, and entertainment system can also be given a gratuity fee. Consider giving $5 or twice the amount per person. 


Wedding MC, DJ, and musician

The wedding MC, DJ, and musicians made your wedding lively, so it’s only suitable to give them $15 to $50 or higher per person as a tip. 


Wedding photographer and videographer

It’s not expected to tip the wedding photographer and videographer. However, you can give these vendors $50 each as appreciation or leave a positive review on their website or social media page. 

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Do you tip wedding venue staff?

Check the contract indicated by the venue in the final invoice as some will include the tip fee in there. But if you want, you can give 15% of the total fee as a tip for all the venue staff to share. 

If you have a big wedding, you can also tip the venue staff at the entrance. You can give $1 per guest or car to the venue staff for the coatroom and parking attendants. 



Was this tipping cheat sheet for wedding vendors helpful? We found out how much to tip wedding venue coordinator, which begins at $20 to $100 or 15% of their fee as gratuity. 

It’s not expected to tip all wedding vendors, but the staff always appreciates it. You can also check the contract as some already include the gratuity fee in their final invoice. 

We hope this helps; let us know the amount you typically give to wedding vendors.

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