How Much To Tip Wedding Makeup Artist: Is It Needed?

It’s hard to know how much to tip wedding makeup artist, but consider computing for 15 to 20% of their total fee. We will discuss this in more detail below to know what to expect when hiring a makeup artist for the wedding. 

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how much to tip wedding makeup artist


How Much Should You Tip Your Wedding Makeup Artist?

You can compute 15 to 20% of the total service fee, which should be a reasonable amount to tip your wedding makeup artist. It would be of good taste to give this extra cash to the artist because it can make up for the costs that the artist has provided with travel and other add-ones such as lashes. 

Furthermore, the makeup artist will always appreciate the tip, especially when you experience good service from them. However, you should check the breakdown given by the makeup artist beforehand. 

Some makeup artists will already include tips into the total service fee, or your chosen wedding coordinator may have another way to distribute tips among the staff and vendors during your wedding. However, you may be paying one sum for the work of all the artists at the wedding, so you must split the tip accordingly. 


Is It Customary To Tip Wedding Makeup Artist?

It is customary to tip your wedding makeup artist, and while there are no rules with the specific amount, it is expected that it should be 15 to 20% of the total fee. However, suppose you’re also doing a destination wedding. 

In that case, a bigger tip is especially appreciated since the gratuity can make up for the artist’s expenses to arrive at the location. But what if you hired multiple wedding makeup artists? 

It’s best to tip them individually with the standard 15 to 20% fee. You can also divide the gratuity if you’re paying one sum.  

It’s possible to tip some artists more, especially when they provide other services that you are happy with. But if you don’t have enough budget, you can always show your gratitude and appreciation to the makeup artist by including them in the meals and leaving positive reviews on their online pages. 

And, of course, referrals will always be helpful to makeup artists. You can vouch for the quality of their service to friends and family who are looking to hire a makeup artist for their wedding.


How Much Should A Wedding Makeup Artist Charge?

Depending on many factors, the wedding makeup artist can charge anywhere from $125 to over $200. In addition, the product they use and the inclusions in the package can affect the overall feel of the makeup artist. 

If you include fees for the makeup trial and touch-up, the wedding makeup artist can also reach up to $400. And for every person that will be included (e.g., having the bridal party get their makeup done as well), expect to pay $80 to $150 for them.  

Do note that some wedding makeup artists charge hourly. Depending on the inclusions such as touch-ups when they stay the entire wedding, you can pay as much as $200 per hour. 

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How Much Do You Tip For Wedding Hair And Makeup Trial?

You will tip for 15 to 20% of the service during your wedding hair and makeup trial. However, makeup artists vary in the package they offer, and you might be paying once for the total sum. 

Nonetheless, practice the same gratuity budget for the hair and makeup trial and hair and makeup during the wedding day. If you have a separate makeup artist and hairstylist, you must tip them separately. 


What Is The Day Rate For A Makeup Artist?

The day rate for a makeup artist vary for every artist, but it can cost about $500 or twice as much. Half a day will be $350, and the hourly rate can be $23 to even $100. 

For the wedding, you may want to get an artist for the whole day, so you can get touch-ups when needed. Some brides might also do the touch-ups themselves, or you can ask your maid of honor to help you with touch-ups if you are limited with a budget. 


Should You Do Your Own Makeup For Your Wedding?

It’s possible to do your wedding makeup, especially when you’re experienced with cosmetics. However, it’s a good idea to allocate a budget for a makeup artist because they are professionals who have the experience of what looks suitable for weddings. 

Remember that some makeup may look good on the mirror, but not on camera. You don’t want flashbacks on your wedding photos, and it might not be relaxing to do your own touch-ups constantly. 


How Much To Tip Hair Stylist For Wedding?

You’ll tip the hairstylist the same amount as your wedding makeup artist. This is to show your appreciation and also to help with the costs that the stylist might include such as hair accessories. 



And that’s it! We just discussed how much to tip wedding makeup artist, which is 15 to 20% of their total fee. 

It’s customary to provide gratuity to show your appreciation to your makeup artist, especially when you’re happy with their service. After all, they’ve helped you look your best on your wedding day. 


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