How Much To Tip Wedding Florist: Etiquette And More

If you’re curious about how much to tip wedding florist, consider at least 10% of your wedding floral budget. But before you go on with this information, please continue reading to know the other expectations when tipping wedding vendors, particularly those involved with the flowers in your wedding. 

And speaking of which, you may want to read about who pays for wedding flowers. Lead them to this etiquette guide so they can also include the tip for the wedding florist. 

how much to tip wedding florist


How Much To Tip Wedding Florist Reasonably? 

The gratuity fee for a wedding florist should be at least 10% of your floral wedding budget. However, you can also increase it to 15%, mainly if the florist delivered their service well and you might’ve gotten more than the satisfaction you’re expecting. 

You can also gift your wedding florist $50 or twice the amount for a particular amount. Some couples even include the florist to the people they send their thank-you cards to. 

Regardless, it would be best if you considered tipping the wedding florist as basic etiquette. Like other wedding vendors, the florist will surely appreciate this token of appreciation. 

Please refer to this wedding vendor checklist if you’re curious about the other vendors.


Do You Have To Tip The Florist At Your Wedding?

You have to tip the florist at your wedding, much like any other wedding vendor who helped you achieve your dream wedding. The florist is responsible not just for the bridal bouquet but also for the more complex arrangements like the wedding corsages and boutonnieres. 

Your wedding florist should warrant a gratuity fee if you are particularly blown away by the floral wedding centerpieces. After all, making flower arrangements is more than just positioning blooms and stems in a bunch. 

Your florist might’ve also exerted an effort to find specific flowers that aren’t in season. You might’ve also negotiated with the florist according to your budget, and they’ve been generous.


Is It Rude Not To Tip A Wedding Florist?

It’s rude not to tip your wedding florist because this vendor provided the important wedding element: flowers. Additionally, you’ve worked with the wedding florist for quite some time to ensure that you’ll get the arrangements you want for the wedding. 

However, some would also argue that a florist who runs and owns their business without working under somebody else can have a lower amount of tip. Some even suggested not to tip a florist who owns their own business because the gratuity is typically included in the fee you’ve discussed beforehand. 

So what should you do? Perhaps assess the situation and your financial capacity. If you feel like it’s unnecessary or you have no extra money for tips, show your gratitude by leaving a good comment on the flower shop or recommending the florist to other people.


How Do You Negotiate A Wedding Florist?

After deciding that you must tip the wedding florist, you may consider knowing how to negotiate with the wedding vendor to still stay within your wedding budget. More so, negotiating is not only influential to the final quote you must pay, but it will also ensure that you’ll get the service you want for the wedding. 

  1. Know the usual prices of the florists in your area and compare
  2. Consider what amount is usually asked for the type of floral needs you want
  3. Ask for an itemized quote from the wedding florist to better understand the package and if you’re getting the most from your money
  4. After the first three steps, you should be able to identify what is a reasonable amount to pay the florist and also if you can negotiate and modify some of their offers
  5. Do not be tempted to go over the budget you’ve set for the wedding flowers beforehand
  6. Ask for deals, discounts, and promos, but be reasonable and put yourself in the shoes of the wedding florist


How Many Wedding Florists Do I Need?

You don’t need many florists for your wedding. Instead, you may even save more on expenses if you source all your floral wedding needs from one vendor.

However, it would help to compare up to three wedding florists to find the best one for you. If multiple people are shouldering the floral needs, they might also source it from various florists.


How Much Should A Wedding Florist Charge For Labor?

A wedding florist can charge 20% for labor, which is why the total costs for the flower arrangements are not only influenced by the flowers and materials used. For example, the florist will identify each material’s price for the arrangement, then add 20% for the labor. 

The charge for labor can also be higher if the florist is doing a more complex arrangement. For example, if it took the florist more hours to make your requests, expect a higher price for their labor. 

So what is a reasonable price from a florist doing your floral wedding needs? Most couples spend around 15% of their wedding budget on flowers.



Was this guide helpful? We just learned how much to tip wedding florist, which is around 10 to 15% of their quote. 

However, some would say that vendors who own their own business can be skipped for gratuity fees. Ultimately, you decide if you think the florist has done a magnificent job, and if you can afford it, why not tip them?

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