How Much To Tip Maitre D At Wedding: Etiquette Guide

Those who want to know how much to tip Maitre d at wedding can consider 20% of the total fee. But to learn more about the tipping etiquette for wedding vendors, please continue reading below. 

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How Much To Tip Maitre D At Wedding


Tipping Etiquette 101: How Much To Tip Maitre D At Wedding

Not all weddings have a Maitre d, but some wedding receptions or caterers assign a Maitre d. The Maitre d is responsible for ensuring a smooth meal flow at the wedding reception, so it’s only acceptable to give them a gratuity fee. 

That being said, how much should you tip your wedding Maitre d? Consider 15 to 20% of the total bill to give your Maitre d. 

This percentage is also what’s usually given to the other wedding vendors responsible for the wedding catering and meal needs. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can also give the Maitre d a $100 or higher tip. 


When should you tip a Maitre d?

In some instances, you don’t need to tip the Maitre d, mainly since some vendors like the venue or caterer already include the gratuity fee on the total bill. Check the breakdown of your fee, and if the tip is not included, allocate at least 15% as gratuity for the Maitre d. 

If you’re having a big wedding, you can also give the Maitre d $1 per wedding guest, especially if this vendor is working for another person and doesn’t own the catering business. But, then, don’t also forget to tip the other personnel and staff responsible for feeding the guests.

A reasonable amount would be at least $50 for the chef and $20 for the servers and waiters. You can also combine all the tips so the caterer will divide it for the people under them. 


Do You Tip The Maitre D At A Wedding?

Tipping is not mandatory, but it’s customary to show appreciation to the vendors that help you have a smooth and stress-free wedding. However, tipping should be voluntary, and the couple can give an amount that is allowed by their financial capacity. 

You can tip the Maitre d at the wedding with 15% of the total bill or $1 per guest. You can give a tip after the wedding, but don’t forget the amount for the servers as well.

The other notable staff at the wedding reception that would also appreciate a gratuity fee include the coordinator at the venue and the banquet manager. But if you saw a 2% service charge included in your total bill, you don’t need to tip separately.

Here is how much to tip wedding venue coordinator if needed.


What Is The Best Etiquette When Tipping Wedding Vendors?

The best etiquette when tipping wedding vendors like the Maitre d is at least 20% of the total fee. The standard amount starts at 15 to 20% of the catering fee, but you can also give the wedding vendor $100 to $300. 

The only instance where tipping is unnecessary is if the contract already covers the gratuity fee. That being said, you must accomplish the tip or total bill before the reception. 

And on the contrary, you can give a separate tip after the catering service if it’s not included in the total bill. Hand it to the Maitre d and other staff or task someone else to manage the wedding vendor tips after the reception.


Tipping before vs after the service

Although most couples prefer tipping their wedding vendors after the service, there is no right or wrong time to tip. They use the experience to know what amount would be reasonable. 

However, another option to try is to tip before the service. This is to serve as a motivation and ensure a satisfactory service from the vendors.


Who should tip the wedding vendors?

The bride or groom can hand the envelope with the gratuity fee to the vendor. But because of the different wedding responsibilities, they can also assign someone else to give the tips to the vendors. 

And as for whoever should be paying for the wedding tips, they can be shouldered by the couple, the wedding hosts, or their families. There is no right or wrong answer on who pays the tips because of the different financial dynamics in weddings.


How to know when to tip wedding vendors

A general guideline is that you don’t usually need to tip the business owners themselves. But, on the other hand, those working under someone else can always appreciate tips.

Nonetheless, there’s no reason not to tip a wedding vendor that gave exceptional service. Otherwise, show your appreciation by recommending they leave a good review of their business if you’re limited with the tipping budget.


What Is A Captain Tip?

The captain tip is the gratuity fee you give to the captain waiter or head waiter. It usually amounts to 5% of the total bill.



And that’s it! We just learned how much to tip Maitre d at wedding, which is 15 to 20% of the total fee or $1 per wedding guest. 

You can also check the fee breakdown as some vendors include the tip in their total service charge. We hope this etiquette guide helps; let us know below if you have any questions. 

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