How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Prizes

If you’re curious about how much to spend on baby shower prizes, a range between $50 to $100 would be practical enough to give people something fun from winning baby shower games. We’ll also discuss how much to spend on the diaper raffle and give you ideas for affordable baby shower prizes. 

But more than knowing what items to give the winners of the games, you should also know how many gifts to prepare for everyone in baby showers. Read how many prizes for the baby shower

how much to spend on baby shower prizes


How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Prizes

Your baby shower prizes for the game winners can range from $50 to $100. Of course, the amount to spend will depend on the host and their budget for the shower. 

To remain within your budget, select fun but not too extravagant items. You can also take ideas from the baby shower games on what prize to have for each game. 

For example, people can get a wine kit for the drinking bottle game, or a prize for the blindfolded diaper change can be a stack of diapers that other parents with a baby can use. And finally, the number of guests you have at the baby shower will determine how many gifts to prepare for the winners. 


Inexpensive Baby Shower Prizes For Games

Here are some ideas on the prizes you can prepare for baby shower games without breaking the bank:

  • Candy assortment
  • Homemade baked goodies
  • Trophies or sashes
  • Tea or coffee kit
  • Stationery package
  • Tumbler
  • Mug
  • Coasters
  • Mini champagne bottles
  • Custom candles
  • Cute soaps
  • Spa basket
  • Lip balms
  • Scrunchies
  • Oven mitts
  • Dinnerware
  • Beddings


Do You Give Prizes For Baby Shower Games?

It’s only fitting for the host to prepare prizes for the winners in the baby shower games. While the guests are not expecting pricey items like appliances or gadgets, there are many unique but affordable ideas that everyone will surely appreciate. 

The prize can even be handmade, similar to the favors you’ll give at the end of the baby shower. If your baby shower guests are also parents, then you can provide them with baby gifts and items that the child can use.  

But like picking a gift for any party, only give valuable prizes. Here’s a list of what kinds of prizes are for baby shower games to provide you with ideas. 


How Much Should A Diaper Raffle Prize Be?

Besides the baby shower games, the host will also prepare prizes for the participating people in the shower’s diaper raffle. A helpful tip to determine how much to spend on the items or prizes would be the price expected for a pack of diapers.

That being said, you can provide prizes ranging from $25 to over $100. You can also have second and third-place winners who will get gifts between $5 and $10. 

Another idea is to provide gift cards and packages of different amounts. You can always ask the guest of honors for ideas on what gifts to give guests at the diaper raffle. 


How to host a diaper raffle 

  1. Plan the diaper raffle prizes, as the better prizes you have; the more guests will want to participate in it
  2. Include diaper raffle tickets and information about the raffle on your baby shower invitations 
  3. Provide a bowl for the diaper raffle tickets in the baby shower venue entrance


What should the prize be for a diaper raffle?

  • The diaper raffle or door prize should be something valuable and enticing to have people participate in the raffle
  • Offer several raffle prizes, including one grand prize and several smaller prizes
  • Consider gift cards, as this allows the winners to pick their items 
  • Gift baskets worth $70 to $120 would make fantastic diaper raffle prizes


What Are Some Creative Ways To Save On Baby Shower Prizes?

Here are some tips for hosting a baby shower without breaking the budget for the prizes on the baby shower games:

  • Have two to three baby shower games only
  • Offer customized, personalized, or hand-made items as the prizes
  • Never go over the budget and adjust the gifts to prepare accordingly
  • Buy baby shower prizes in bulk and present them in fun packaging instead
  • Consider edible prizes like cookies and candies, as they are affordable to buy
  • Think about runner-up prizes so guests won’t find the grand prize lacking


What Are Some Tips For Choosing Baby Shower Prizes?

If you’re preparing baby shower prizes for the games’ winners, these are the considerations for picking the gifts:

  • Consider the budget for the shower
  • Get inspired by the game where the prize will be gotten
  • The baby shower theme can inspire the gifts for the winners
  • Consider the generosity of guests when preparing grand prizes
  • The baby shower prizes should fit the formality of the baby shower 


What Are Some Popular Baby Shower Prize Ideas?

These items are what’s commonly given as baby shower prizes at raffles and games:

  • Cook’s gift basket
  • Spa set
  • Green thumb kit
  • Wine bottles
  • Gift cards
  • Pastries and sweets
  • Custom shirts or mugs
  • Designer soaps and lotions
  • Room essentials



And that’s it! You just learned how much to spend on baby shower prizes, which should be between $50 to $100. 

For the diaper raffle, offer an enticing grand price to encourage more guests to participate. And when buying inexpensive items for runner-ups, be creative with their packaging.

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